Fox News Star Abruptly Quits; Leaves To Join Rival Network

Something very weird has been going on at Fox News.

The network has clearly shifted more towards the Left, several of the hosts and guests continue to attack President Donald Trump, and a few top figures have already left the network in recent months.

Fox News star Catherine Herridge announced that she is leaving the network and will be joining an entirely different network.

Herridge, who worked at Fox News for 23 years, is heading to CBS News.

“CBS News has always placed a premium on enterprise journalism and powerful investigations,” Herridge confessed in a statement. “I feel privileged to join a team where facts and storytelling will always matter.”

Top brass at the network confirmed the news in a statement.

“Catherine Herridge is a skilled investigative correspondent who has consistently brought depth and originality to her reporting. We are very excited that she will be joining the outstanding team at the Washington Bureau,” Christopher Isham, Washington bureau chief for CBS News, said.

Herridge will serve as a senior investigative correspondent for CBS News after sources say the rival network offered her a contract she simply couldn’t refuse.

President of Fox News Media, Jay Wallace, commended Herridge for her dedicated service to journalism.

“As a founding employee, over the last 23 years, Catherine Herridge has been an asset to Fox News,” Wallace said. “We are grateful for Catherine’s many contributions to the network, wish her continued success, and were proud to honor her as she received the Tex McCrary Award for Journalism last week from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society for her enterprise reporting at Fox News.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used a portion of his show recently to discuss the move with Herridge.

“You’re moving on to CBS News, which is very lucky to have you and I just want to say how much we will miss you,” he said.

This has already been a tumultuous few months for Fox News.

Last month, shocking details from a Fox News meeting leaked and revealed that two of the networks top anchors were smearing Trump behind closed doors.

Fox News hosts Chris Wallace and Martha MacCallum apparently went after Trump during a closed-door meeting last month.

Fox News hosts Bret Baier, Wallace, and MacCallum attended an event in New York City to assure advertisers that “Trump doesn’t own” them or “call the shots.”

Those aren’t the worst comments — but it’s interesting that they side with Trump on air, but speak about the president that way behind closed doors.

This report came after longtime network anchor Shepherd Smith quit live on air earlier in early October.

A bombshell report revealed that management at Fox News are experiencing what sources called a “Trump identity crisis” over Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky back in July.

This led to a major feud on-air between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Smith.

Sources who took part in the meeting said that Fox warned Smith to stop attacking Trump and his colleagues or he could be fired.

And, two weeks after the meeting, Smith quit.

Following Smith’s departure, two other top anchors reportedly went after Trump behind closed doors.

Now, Herridge has left Fox and is jumping ship to CBS News.

Is it possible that Fox News is being run by liberals who are desperately trying to help take down Trump and prevent him from serving a second term in office?

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