Republicans Introduce Legislation To Help Americans Sue China

There comes a time when the anti-President Donald Trump rhetoric goes so far that it becomes tantamount to sedition against the United States of America.

A time when the Democrat Party and the media’s hatred of this one man affects their perception of reality and damages the nation.

That line was crossed when they started parroting the Chinese government’s propaganda and now they have to pay for it.

Sen. Tom Cotton and Rep. Dan Crenshaw have introduced legislation to make China pay for the pandemic that has cost near 200,000 lives around the world.

“Our legislation is simple but effective. It would allow Americans to sue China in U.S. federal courts in order to “recover damages for death, injury, and economic harm caused” by China’s reckless and reprehensible response to the COVID-19 outbreak,” the pair said in an op-ed on Fox News.

“Americans are currently barred from filing such claims under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which forbids lawsuits against foreign sovereign nations, save in rare instances. Our legislation would carve out a limited exception for physical and economic injuries resulting from COVID-19 and acts ‘intended to deliberately conceal or distort the nature or existence of COVID-19,’” they said.

“Our bill gives China the opportunity to resolve its claims with the U.S. government out of court. However, if no settlement is reached China will face the possibility of millions of private claims from Americans who’ve been harmed by the coronavirus,” they said.

This is the correct path to take. China, at the very least, hid information that caused more damage to the United States and the world.

If our governments had been given those numbers more could have been done to mitigate the damage and take more action in a quicker way.

Because of China’s deliberate obfuscation of the facts many doctors, scientists and those in government believed coronavirus was no more serious than the flu.

But it is far more serious than the flu, and far more contagious and due to China’s lies the world had to learn this the hard way.

But what is worse than what China, who has no reason to have any concern for the United States, has done is what the Democrat Party has done.

Their propaganda has been so effective that the Chinese government has been using it to push their own propaganda.

Chinese propaganda tabloid The Global Times, which is operated by the Chinese government produced a video weeks ago that showed American media personalities and Democrat politicians parroting China’s propaganda, The Washington Examiner reported.

“The video features CNN’s Chris Cuomo and NBC News’s Richard Engel. The Chinese-produced propaganda also cites failed two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio,” it said.

The video showed Engel when he said “It is easy to scapegoat people, and that is what has always happened when there have been pandemics or epidemics. This is a virus that came from the territory of China but came from bats. This is a bat virus, not a China virus.”

And it showed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s tweet in which she called the president “racist” for doing what scientists have done for decades, name a virus for where it originated.

“The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis,” she said. “Don’t fall for it. Don’t let your friends and family fall for it.”

And it showed M<mayor de Blasio saying, on his Twitter, “If you’re looking for someone to pin this crisis on, try the guy who made up a phony Google website or promised testing kits that he STILL hasn’t delivered. Our Asian-American communities — people YOU serve — are already suffering. They don’t need you fueling more bigotry.”

This is the Democrat Party of 2020. Siding with the propaganda of communist China.

But we have patriots like Sen. Cotton and Rep. Crenshaw preparing legislation that is likely going to infuriate the Democrats and give some justice to Americans and that is a start.

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