Graham Releases Declassified FISA Documents That Shed New Light On Trump Investigation

Some documents related to the FBI’s investigation into the campaign of President Donald Trump have been declassified and the news is bone chilling.

They have been released by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Senate Judiciary Chairman in an effort to stop this abuse from ever happening to another president again.

“I’m committed to being as transparent as possible about the circumstances surrounding FISA abuse. The goal is to make sure it never happens again,” Graham said.

“As part of Chairman Graham’s efforts to increase transparency and accountability to the American people, these declassified documents and other material may be accessed at the following link:,” the press release said.

The declassifications came in response to letters sent to Attorney general William Barr by Graham on March 7August 29, and December 19, 2019.

In one transcript was a meeting between George Papadopoulos and Stefan Halper that occurred in London on Sept 15, 2016. Halper was an FBI informant and a former Cambridge professor.

The other meeting detailed in the document was from an October 29, 2016 meeting Papadopoulos had in Chicago with a friend who also served as an FBI informant.

The shady part is that both of these meetings were secretly recorded by the informants.

In fact, the entirety of the classified information, as less-redacted versions of the FISA applications released by Graham show that they relied, in a major way, by information obtained via the Steele Dossier, which is still unverified, The Daily Caller reported.

The fourth application provides the most detail of the FBI’s investigation of Page. Investigators asserted that there was probable cause to suspect that Page was working covertly as a Russian agent. Page was not indicted in the special counsel’s investigation, and a report of that probe said that nobody from the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government or acted as a Russian agent.

Graham, a South Carolina Republican closely allied with President Trump, also released a 12-page letter that the head of the Justice Department sent to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) acknowledging multiple omissions in the FBI’s surveillance applications.

In the July 12, 2018 letter, John C. Demers, the assistant attorney general for national security, said that the Justice Department’s National Security Division had learned that the FBI failed to disclose potentially exculpatory information from Papadopoulos’s interactions with the FBI’s confidential sources.

And former President Obama was at the heart of this investigation, which makes it abhorrent considering his administration was doing this to the nominee of the opposing Party.

It is something, as President Trump has said many times, that should never again happen to another president.

Because of a variety of errors in the last two surveillance applications they were invalidated by the Justice Department. That is how bad they were.

“The Justice Department inspector general found that Steele’s primary source for the dossier disputed much of what was reported in the document. The FBI failed to disclose the derogatory information to the FISC. A top FBI agent on the Trump-Russia case also failed to tell the FISC that Page had a longstanding relationship with the CIA,” The Caller said.

This was a waste of taxpayer funds, as Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller found there was no collusion between the president’s campaign and Russia.

It was a wild goose chase, a witch hunt, looking for something that did not exist in order to ruin an opponent.

It was the “insurance policy” that former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page bragged about having in case President Trump won, though they have denied that that is what they meant.

Everyone involved, from former President Obama to current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, should be ashamed.

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