Graham Rips Pelosi For Blaming Trump For Coronavirus Deaths

House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi just proved to be a worse person than anyone in America has given her credit for.

In an interview on the CNN show “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper the 80-year-old accused President Trump of allowing people to die.

And South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham teed off on her for it in his own interview on Foix Business Network hours later.

“His denial at the beginning was deadly, his delaying of getting equipment … to where it is needed is deadly, and now the best thing would be to do is to prevent more loss of life, rather than open things up so that, because we just don’t know,” the Speaker said on Monday.

She railed against the president’s declaration that he would like to see the nation back to business by Easter.

“As the president fiddles, people are dying. We just have to take every precaution,” Pelosi said to Tapper.

Sen. Graham was infuriated by Pelosi’s assessment, basically accusing the president of being responsible for the deaths of citizens.

“What she said, she’s blaming the president for people dying because of the way he’s led the country. That’s the most shameful disgusting statement by any politician in modern history,” Graham said.

“Let me tell you we’ve seen the best of America from our citizens helping each other, delivering groceries, having special shopping hours for senior citizens.

“She’s the first politician to blame another politician for people dying,” the senator said of the notorious House Speaker.

Her assertion is, of course, ridiculous and what is worse is how she was not pressed on it by Tapper.

The media wants President Trump to be blamed for coronavirus deaths, that much is evident, which is likely why Tapper did not point out that the president said he would be guided by doctors and experts before deciding when to send Americans back to work.

“Hopefully we can do it before Easter, but it’s got to be conditioned,” the president said when speaking to reporters about the time frame of getting the nation back to normal.

“I want to get out of Afghanistan, but if the generals tell me we will get attacked if we get out too soon, I won’t get out,” he said.

Graham also said he did not think the nation should be reopened by Easter when he appeared on Fox News, but he did not place blame like Pelosi did.


“To the president, you are right to want to jump-start the economy, but don’t try to create an economic bump that leads to a spike in the virus,” he said.

“So any decision to open up the economy based on age or reason needs to be scientifically blessed by the experts,” he said.

“Listened to New York Governor Cuomo’s explanation of how to balance reopening the economy against public health concerns.

“He rightfully said we can do both but it must be done smartly, always erring on the side of public health,” he said on Twitter.

Of course he is correct, but that is a far cry from the president causing the deaths of American citizens.

Pelosi’s attack was disgusting and it shows how desperate the Democrats have become as they watch the 2020 election slip from their hands.

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