Justin Amash Announces His Campaign For President

When you are a Republican it is not wise to go against President Donald Trump and expect to be elected again.

It is what Rep. Justin Amash, who became an Independent due to his opposition of President Trump, has learned.

Amash told Reason Magazine in an interview that he would not be seeking another run for his office because he has bigger dreams.

After the party primary is basically a done deal Amash has decided to launch a bid for the presidency.

But because he would not have any chance of gaining traction as an independent, and no chance as a Republican, he has become a Libertarian.

“I’m happy to see that Representative Amash has come home to the political party most closely aligned with his views,” Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark said in an email.

“If more members of the House who are tired of being marginalized by the GOP and Democratic leadership joined him, we could see a caucus of legislators who are able to work for the American people instead of conflicting teams of special interests. My DMs are open,” he said.

And though it is tough to imagine him winning his district as a Libertarian he says he thinks he could have defended his job.

“That was one of the hardest parts of this decision,” Amash said. “When I’m looking at my polling, and fundraising, and other aspects with respect to the congressional campaign, I felt I was in the driver’s seat. I felt that I was in a very strong position to win it….But I just think this is too important.”

“When I look at these candidates, I think most Americans see the same thing I’m seeing, which is these two candidates aren’t up to being president of the United States, and we need an alternative,” he said. “Millions of Americans are seeing that the government spent trillions of dollars and still didn’t get it right. They didn’t get help to the people who need it most. Instead, most of the assistance went to people who have great connections, who run big corporations.”

Reason asked Amash to explain how he believes he has a chance to win in a nation that is highly partisan.

“I look at the candidates running and I see two candidates that are not qualified for the office. Yeah, they have long résumés, different résumés. The president as a reality [TV] star, and as a sometimes successful, sometimes failed businessman; and Joe Biden as a longtime member of Congress who’s on his third run for president and frankly doesn’t seem to be up to it,” he said.

“So when I look at these candidates, I think most Americans see the same thing I’m seeing, which is: These two candidates aren’t up to being president of the United States, and we need an alternative. And I’m confident that I can be that alternative.

“What people are really looking for is practicality. They see these two sides in Washington, Red and Blue, fighting with each other every day. When it comes to most pieces of legislation, they’re highly polarized. And then when it comes to the really bad stuff that gets passed, all of a sudden they become best friends. So they’re fighting each other day and night on stuff that often doesn’t impact people directly, and then when you get something that really hurts the American people, they get unified all of a sudden.

“This is not the system the American people want. It’s not the system the Framers designed. And we need to trust the people. We need to have humility regarding the process of government. And that means allowing legislators to legislate, and keeping the executive branch in check, and having a court that does its job interpreting and deciding cases. We can’t have this system where these two parties just run amok and hurt Americans every day,” he said.

If he thinks Republicans are going to vote for him after the way he betrayed the party he is dreaming.

Amash is a whining crybaby who did not get his way and now wants to take his ball and go home.

But before he does he wants to damage President Trump on the way. But what he might find is that he gives supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders someone else to vote for and helps President Trump get elected again.

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