He’s QUITTING – The President Just Announced It 

Every single socialist nation in the world is nothing short of a total failure. Nations under a socialist regime often starve their own people and force them to live in horrendous while the leaders live lavish lifestyles.

But sometimes, the people rise up, hold peaceful protests, and send a message to the socialist regime that they are no longer going to accept their own government oppressing them and putting their lives in danger.

Following widespread protests across the country and allegations of fraud following a disputed election last month, socialist Bolivian President Evo Morales has announced his resignation from office.

After being plagued for a month over allegations that he allegedly rigged the election so he could serve a fourth term as president, Morales was urged to step down by the South American nation’s top military officer, Gen. Williams Kaliman.

Kaliman called for “peace to be restored and stability to be maintained” in a nationwide address, and apparently it got Morales’ attention.

Fox News reports:

The disputed results of the national election on Oct. 20 sparked protests in all of Bolivia’s major cities.

The unrest reportedly caused a split among security forces and led to the closure of businesses, public transportation, and schools across the country.

Vote totals following the election reportedly showed Morales with just over 47% percent support in the nine-candidate field, with a 10.56% point lead over the second-place candidate, former President Carlos Mesa, who obtained 36.51% of the vote.

That lead of just over 10.5% gave Morales just enough of a margin to declare victory and avoid a second-round run-off election, in which the opposition most likely would have united behind Mesa and surpassed Morales to oust him from office electorally.

Both the United States and United Nations-backed Organization of American States released a joint statement saying it had “deep concern and surprise at the drastic and hard-to-explain change in the trend of the preliminary results revealed after the closing of the polls.”

The OAS said second round of voting would clearly be necessary, but that the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal) ceased publicizing results with only 80 percent of the polls reporting in.

On Oct. 21, the day after the election was held, the corrupt TSE announced “data with an inexplicable change in trend that drastically modifies the fate of the election,” resulting in Morales’ outright victory.

In other words, Morales sensed he was going to probably lose if a second round of voting occurred.

So his socialist regime asserted they had “issues” with the voting data and just called the election — with him claiming victory when more than 20 percent of the vote had not even been counted.

After a month of public outcry, Morales caved to calls from his own leaders and stepped down.

His resignation is a big deal not just for Bolivians, but the entire word.

Morales was openly socialist, had long been an opponent of the United States, and had allied himself with the socialist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.

While Morales stepping down is a great start, the Bolivian government remains in shambles and many citizens are still protesting in the streets.

Keep in mind several of the top 2020 Democratic candidates want to implement socialism in America.

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