High-Ranking Democrat Senator DISQUALIFIED – He Can’t Vote

Just when you think Democrats can’t possibly stoop any lower, they pull another ridiculous stunt proving that they have no respect for the rule of law.

A high-ranking Democrat senator was just disqualified after he voted in a state that he does not live in.

CT News Junkie reported that Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy has been declared an “inactive voter” in Connecticut because he does no own a home in the state.

He sold his home in September and moved his family to live in Washington, D.C., yet he still tried to cast a vote in Connecticut in November’s municipal election.

After selling his home, he attempted to register in Old Lyme, where his parents own a house in the seasonal community.

But it wasn’t long before an election official disqualified him.

The November absentee ballot cast by Murphy was not counted because he was declared an “inactive voter” since he sold his home and does not live in the state.

Cathy Carter, the Republican Registrar of Voters in Old Lyme, said Monday they sent Murphy a notice asking him to confirm his voter application after he registered to vote in September.

But the notice was returned by the U.S. Postal Service and there was no forwarding phone number or contact information on the card.

Murphy is reportedly seeking to purchase a new home in the Hartford area and will register to vote there.

But it’s stunning that a member of Congress apparently had no idea that he couldn’t vote in a state that he did not actually live in.

While speaking to CT News Junkie, he tried to play the victim and acted as if what he did was no big deal.

“It’s discouraging my vote didn’t end up counting,” Murphy said. “I’ve learned a lot about active and inactive voters.”

Nancy Wyman, chairwoman of the Democrat Party, defended Murphy.

“The Senator has a young, growing family and they are moving to be closer to family here in Connecticut,” she said. “At the same time, he has been working nonstop on vital issues in Washington. Sometimes things fall through the cracks and I am sure he will straighten this out.”

Here’s the main takeaway: Murphy isn’t living in Connecticut and does not own a home in the state.

So why should he be voting in the state?

Murphy represents Connecticut in the U.S. Senate, but does he pay any taxes in the state?

He certainly doesn’t pay property taxes given he admittedly lives in D.C. and doesn’t own a home in Connecticut.

And, more importantly, there’s a strong case to be made that he committed voter fraud.

He’s nothing more than a typical Democrat swamp creature. He’s legislating from the swamp and deciding what’s best for the people of Connecticut — a state in which he does not live in.

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