Hillary Clinton In Deep Trouble, Trump’s FBI Opens New Closet Of Evidence To The Public

Heartless Hillary’s in real trouble with Donald now.

We’re bringing you the story the liberal media doesn’t want you to hear about: the realWashington crimes. And Hillary should be really nervous about this one.

We already know Hillary Clinton used a private server, unprotected by government firewalls, to host classified, sensitive State Department emails.

She risked important information getting into the public’s hands or worse, the hands of our enemies.

To this day, she swears (under oath) she did nothing wrong—and that her server was totally safe.

But now newly revealed documents from Trump’s FBI show Hillary Clinton is finally in DEEP trouble.

From Free Market Shooter:

New documents from a recent FBI data dump reveal that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, was left stunned when she learned hackers were trying to infiltrate Clinton’s home server in 2011.

Um… what did you say Hillary, about your server being safe?

Because according to this, your pal Huma knew about hackers getting into it way back in 2011!

This is actionable material. There’s no need for “intent,” like Comey insisted – you do the crime, you do the time! If Trump will dare to.

But maybe it wasn’t “that bad,” right? No, no, it was really bad. How bad?

The hacks were so bad, her tech people had to shut it down at one point, just to prevent hackers from getting in.

From what we can see from the released messages, they were very, very panicked.

Hmm… something tells me there were more than just meeting arrangements being transmitted across her network.

Hillary’s aide Huma started messaging everyone to stop sending sensitive materials to the server. Could anything be more incriminating?

And this was just one episode. Hackers just don’t try once and give up. What about the other attempts we still don’t know about?

What did the hackers get their hands on? It’s not a matter of if, but what. How many sensitive pieces of information ended up in the hands of bad people?

We might never know. And the damage might not be felt for years to come.

Yet to this day, Hillary Clinton refuses to admit she did anything wrong. Must be nice, living in that fantasy world of hers.

I think Trump should wake Hillary up from her fantasy world – with some ice-cold steel bars.

By Adam Casalino

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