Home Depot Co-Founder Destroyed Ocasio-Cortez’s Socialism Live On TV

Co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, stated that support for socialism “comes right out of the universities” while appearing on Friday’s episode of Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

Marcus stated that socialism has “devastated those countries and compared their present state to what they were like before socialist rule,” according to Conservative Tribune.

He called Cuba a “perfect example of socialism gone wrong.”

“They took a great country. They put it right down the drain in every way possible,” he said of Cuba.

“People are starving to death. Medical (care) is not available for them. And we have a group of people in Washington today, new representatives especially, that look at socialism as the way to go,” he said. “And if you don’t think that’s dangerous, I do.”

Conservative Tribune explains that Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a self-proclaimed “socialist Democrat.”

She is a vocal advocate of the Green New Deal, a deal which would launch some of the most government expansion we’ve seen in decades.

Marcus explained to Cavuto that he feels that the growing support for socialism among the younger generations “comes right out of the universities.”

“You see students graduating today and a very high percentage … almost 50 percent of students coming out of universities today believe that socialism is the answer,” Marcus stated.

A recent survey found that that “51 percent of American millennials would rather live under socialist or communist rule than in a capitalist country,” according to Conservative Tribune.

Campus Reform conducted a study which found that Ocasio-Cortez’s alma mater at Boston University had supported Democratic causes in an overwhelming manner.

It was found that of donations given by the University’s faculty in 2017-2018, 97 percent went right to Democratic politicians and Democratic organizations.

“That’s frightening to me because the things that made this country great, that created the wealth of this country — and I mean the wealth of every single person right down the line — the best medical care in the world, the best housing in the world, that’s why people want to come here, is because of the system, and that’s the free enterprise system,” Marcus stated.

He went on to ask “Why would you want to take that formula, where there’s prosperity, where jobs are out there where people can pay their own way, take care of their families. Why would you want to change that?”

I would love to hear him ask this of Ocasio-Cortez or Bernie, both of which love to sell this false narratives of the joys of socialism.  A quick glimpse at the hell holes that are moderns day Venezuela or Cuba have become should be all the evidence one needs.

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