Dem Rep Says He Does Not Care If Trump Wins Election If America Defeats Coronavirus

There are things in life more important than politics, and even some Democrats are starting to see that.

That is what prompted one top Democrat in the House to do something that is going to make House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi furious.

New York Democratic Rep. Max Rose said he would be fine with President Donald Trump winning the presidential election in November if it meant defeating the coronavirus pandemic.

“Nothing would make me happier, nothing, than to see this president utilize all the tools at his disposal to win this war as the commander in chief that he is, and to own that success,” he said in an interview with Politico.

“And if that success means that we beat Covid and he wins reelection, then so be it. God bless him. Because we have won the greatest battle of the 21st century,” he said.

But he did make certain to cover his tracks by accusing the president of not doing everything he can to fight coronavirus.

But I have not seen his administration assert its authority in the ways that it could,” he said, as he mentioned how the federal government responded to World War II.

“Think back again to the analogy of World War II,” he said. “We built factories and then mandated that the private sector take them over. We put people to work in terms of wartime jobs. That wasn’t just the patriotic thing to do. That was absolutely vital because people needed work. And we very well might find ourselves in that situation again.”

He is correct, but the curve is starting to appear to be flattening and the president has stopped himself from becoming the dictator the Democrats accuse him of being by not mandating these things.

“One: Streamlining who’s in charge,” the representative said of what he thinks the president could be doing better.

“There’s too many task forces going on. Second thing is he needs to assert all of his Defense Production Act authority over the production and dissemination of critical supplies from ventilators to masks to reagents to all of the equipment necessary to test people or the virus.

“The third thing is I believe that he should be asserting or utilizing the Pentagon supply management acumen for the dissemination of these critical supplies within the country,” he said.

But, again, this would be what a nation like communist China or the former Soviet Union does. These are the signs of a totalitarian regime.

Granted, if the situation were to get worse then the president could decide to use these powers for the good of the nation.

But these powers should also be handled carefully as we would not want this to become a habit for other presidents.

It is simple for someone to become intoxicated with power. Using these powers in this situation could make sense, but it could also pave a path for a president to say General motors has to produce solar panels because global warming and climate change are a national emergency.

The slope is slippery and even when a president has the best of intentions they could be setting the stage for another president in the future to abuse his or her power.

And Rep. Rose was correct to not care about who wins the presidential election when the nation is in a time of crisis.

But he took it a step further when asked about his own campaign which, he said, he does not care about during the pandemic.

“Let me be very clear. I don’t give a f— about politics right now. That includes my own campaign. But it remains to be seen what a campaign looks like, and how a campaign can be executed faithfully,” he said.

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