House Democrats Just Passed It – President Trump Is FURIOUS

Another day, another radical bill passed in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives that will only harm Americans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies just passed another radical bill — and President Donald Trump is furious.

This week, House Democrats passed two radical bills that will ban offshore drilling on the United States major coastlines.

The bills prohibit additional drilling on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts as well as a portion of the Gulf of Mexico.

This is another shocking example of how Democrats are more concerned with passing extreme environmental measures.

Arizona Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva, who chairs the Natural Resources Committee, said, “We’re striking back this week against the Trump administration and their agenda to drill everywhere, every time, with no exception.”

In other words, he’s admitting that Democrats care more about their environmental agenda than about lowering the cost of oil for Americans.

Democrats are also conceding that they want America to continue purchasing oil from Venezuela and the Middle East rather than becoming more self-efficient and pumping from our own shores.

The White House released a statement slamming Democrats for the outrageous measure: “These bills would undermine the Administration’s commitment to a prosperous American economy supported by the responsible use of the Nation’s abundant natural resources.”

The Hill reported:

H.R. 1941, the bill to block drilling along the East and West coasts, passed with 238 votes. H.R. 205, the bill that would block drilling along Florida’s coast in the Gulf of Mexico, passed with 248 votes.

But many other Republicans opposed the effort to block offshore drilling, and GOP leaders earlier on Wednesday introduced their own alternative bill they labeled as an “all-of-the-above” energy approach.

Dubbed the American Energy First Act, the bill would limit the executive branch’s ability to place unilateral moratoriums on drilling on public lands and waters, including the Gulf of Mexico.

During the debate on the offshore drilling bans, many Republicans argued blocking such activity would hurt America’s energy independence and stymie job creation from the oil and gas industry.

Arizona Republican Rep. Rep. Paul Gosar attempted to pass an amendment to rename one of the bills the “Russian Energy Reliance and U.S. Poverty Act” — which was a way to point out that Democrats want to buy oil from dictators rather than get it right here in the U.S.

“The United States is home to some of the richest energy sources in the world. Rather than relying on hostile regimes who hate America, we should be producing energy right here in our backyard. Today’s Left wants to lock up millions of acres of land and water from energy exploration which will put millions of Americans out of work, send energy prices skyrocketing and harm our national security,” Gosar said during the debate.

Thankfully, both of these bills have virtually no shot of passing in the Republican-led Senate.

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