HUMILIATED: Schumer’s Plan Backfires – He Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine

After months of barring House Republicans from taking part in closed-door hearings in the basement of Congress and refusing to even allow Republicans to select a single witness in the impeachment charade — Democrats are now trying to make demands.

The Democrat-controlled House will more than likely vote to impeach President Donald Trump this week.

Assuming that happens, the impeachment trial will then begin in January in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has already sent Republicans a “list of demands” for the impeding Senate trial — but he just got a taste of his own medicine.

In short, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s response was simple: No deals, no witness lists, no more stalling, no more witch-hunts, and the GOP-controlled Senate will vote to fully acquit Trump by the end of January.

It all began on Sunday when Schumer sent an absurd letter to McConnell outlining a series of proposals and witnesses he wants to take part in the Senate’s impeachment trial.

McConnell had an absolute field day humiliating Schumer and his absurd list of demands after House Democrats just led the most partisan impeachment inquiry in modern American history.

During a speech Tuesday on the Senate floor, McConnell suggested he may dismiss the articles of impeachment against Trump immediately after the opening arguments.

McConnell accused Schumer of going straight to the news media with his proposals rather than speaking to him in person.

He also smacked Schumer for misquoting the U.S. Constitution.

Schumer claimed the Constitution gave the Senate “sole Power of Impeachment,” whereas Article I, Section 3 actually states, “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”

“We don’t create impeachments over here … we judge them,” he declared.

It was the House’s role to investigate, and to build a case. “If they fail, they fail! It’s not the Senate’s job to leap into the breach to search desperately for ways to get to guilty. That would hardly be impartial justice.”


McConnell wasn’t done there.

The Kentucky Republican called out Schumer by name and said he trying to bail-out House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for his failures in the House: “Might he — just might he be coordinating these questions with people outside the Senate?”

Almost one month before the impeachment trial likely moves into the Senate — Democrats are whining, issuing ridiculous demands, and already claiming the process is “rigged.”

Finally, the other team is up to bat and Democrats are screaming that the trial — which has not even happened — it totally unfair.

But beyond that, it’s clear to anyone who has been paying attention that Democrats have no case.

They have accused Trump of just about everything imaginable, and after months of wasting taxpayer dollars to hold impeachment hearings, they still can’t prove the president did anything wrong.

And McConnell has already revealed exactly what’s going to happen when the impeachment trial moves into the Senate in January.

Spoiler: It’s dead, Trump won’t be removed from office, and the Republican-led Senate will fully acquit the president of all the Democrats bogus charges.

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