Ilhan Omar Crosses Line – She’s DONE After Disturbingly Racist Comment

Radical Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has come under fire several times since becoming a member on Congress in January.

In recent weeks, Omar has been accused of marrying her own brother to commit fraud and carrying out an affair with a married man who works closely with her campaign.

Now, Omar is back in hot water for making anti-Semitic comments on Twitter over the weekend.

The Minnesota Democratic lawmaker took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to a report about businessman Leon Cooperman throwing his support behind billionaire Michael Bloomberg for president.

Both men are billionaires and Jewish.

“I wonder why?” wrote Omar with a “thinking face” emoji.

Many have argued that she was implying that because both men are Jewish, they are supporting each other.

Guess she was not happy about Cooperman passing on radical socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign — which she endorsed last week.

Since becoming a member of Congress in January, it seems like Omar can’t go a week without finding herself engulfed in another disturbing controversy.

Omar is still facing allegations that she married her own brother for the sole purpose of committing marriage, immigration, and tax fraud.

New allegations also emerged recently that Omar may be using a different name.

Before that, President Trump and many others blasted Omar for describing 9/11 as “some people did something” rather than saying a group of al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airplanes, ran two of them into the Twin Towers, and killed almost 3,000 Americans.

When Omar served as a state legislature in Minnesota in 2016, 9 Somali refugees were arrested and found guilty of attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

Prior to sentencing, Omar wrote a letter to the judge overseeing the case and begged for leniency for the Islamic extremists.

Omar begged the judge in a letter to be “compassionate” to the would-be terrorists.

Back in September, it was revealed that Omar was arrested in 2013 for trespassing in Minneapolis and was taken into custody at the Hennepin County Jail “to prevent further criminal conduct.”

In May, she questioned the patriotism of American-born citizens and claimed that she “probably loves this country more than anyone who is naturally born” in the country.

This is also the same radical lawmaker who insulted Trump voters by calling them “ignorant” and said America was not longer “going to be the country of white people.”

She has a long history making disgraceful comments, and the Left refuses to hold her accountable.

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