IMPEACHED – House Votes 88-4… Top Lawmaker REMOVED From Office

With everything going on in the D.C. swamp with Democrats trying to impeach President Donald Trump, it’s hard for many Americans to actually see real news taking place in other parts of the country.

This is especially true given a high-ranking Republican was impeached and removed from office in a landslide vote — and hardly anyone has heard about it.

State Rep. Mickey Gates, a Republican lawmaker from Hot Springs, Arkansas, was expelled from the Arkansas House of Representatives in an 88-4 vote after he “pleaded no contest to failing to pay taxes for several years.”

While speaking from the floor of the Arkansas House, Gates admitted that he was “a flawed individual,” but also said, “I have not been found guilty. I stand before you an innocent man.”

Gates was arrested last summer by the Arkansas State Police and charged with not filing state tax returns for at least five years.

However, it is being reported that he worked out an agreement with Garland County prosecutors.

Under the agreement, his charges would be reduced to a single count — yet he would have to pay $75,000 in back taxes and meet other obligations, such as serving probation for six years.

As noted by U.S. World News, Gates is the first Arkansas House member to be expelled in over 100 years.

Richard McGrew defeated Jack Wells in the primary for the House District 22 seat that had been held by Gates.

Beyond that, something very weird has been going on in the state of Arkansas.

Back in June, former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins was found by police dead outside her home from multiple stab wounds.

Judge David Goodson has set a trial date for October 2020 in the case involving the woman charged with killing Collins.

Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell faces capital murder and other charges in connection with the death of the former Republican state lawmaker.

O’Donnell was arrested in June, less than two weeks after police found Collins dead outside her home from multiple stab wounds.

Prosecutors are now seeking the death penalty against O’Donnell and will additionally charge her with abusing a corpse and evidence tampering.

Prosecutors said O’Donnell, a friend and former campaign aide to Collins, was filmed removing security cameras from inside Collins’ home on the last day the former senator was seen alive.

O’Donnell pleaded innocent to all the charges against her at a hearing back in July.

Let that sink in.

A woman has been accused of: (1) stabbing a former Republican lawmaker to death; (2) abusing the corpse of the dead lawmaker; (3) tampering with evidence; (4) and removing security cameras from inside Collins’ home the day before the murder occurred.

Now consider the fact that the mainstream media has largely refused to cover this story.

Bizarrely enough, this is the second story involving the death of a Republican lawmaker.

Republican State House Representative Jay Powell was found dead last Tuesday morning at a resort in Georgia.

Powell’s death was unexpected and is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Georgia.

Powell, who had been in office since 2008, was the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and also sat on several other committees.

It’s pretty sad — and revealing — that these stories have been largely ignored by the mainstream media.

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