Impeachment Just Collapsed, Adam Schiff Completely Stunned

It’s is more than clear to almost everyone that the Democrats impeachment witch hunt against President Donald Trump is nothing more than a sham aimed at harming him before the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats believe they can impeach Trump over his phone call back in July with the Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky.

But now, the numbers are portraying a catastrophe for Democrats and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

A brand new poll from the Washington Post-ABC News found that a whopping 65 percent of Americans think the impeachment hearings should have been conducted in public instead of behind closed doors.

Schiff has been conducting the impeachment witch hunt in secret, behind closed doors, and he will not allow Republican lawmakers equal opportunities to ask witnesses questions.

And voters are not happy about it.

Only 33 percent think it is acceptable for the Democrats to have held the testimony provided by impeachment probe witnesses so far behind closed doors, and two percent have no opinion on the matter.

Republicans have lambasted the Democrats for refusing to hold public impeachment inquiry hearings and for not releasing the transcripts of the testimony provided so far.

Seemingly responding to GOP pressure, Democrats say they will begin holding public hearings before Thanksgiving and begin releasing testimony transcripts by next week.

According to the poll, 50 percent disapprove of the way House Democrats have handled their impeachment inquiry, while 43 percent approve, and seven percent have no opinion.

Things continue to go from bad to worse for Schiff and Democrats.

Last week, three top officials with firsthand knowledge of Trump’s July 25 Ukraine phone call testified and absolutely destroyed the lying little Schiff.

All three of the top officials with firsthand knowledge of Trump’s call testified that there was nothing illegal or wrong with what the president did or said.

This destroys the Democrats argument that Trump told Zelensky on the July 25 that he had to reopen the investigation into the Biden’s shady family business deals in order to receive the military funding.

Democrats claim Trump withheld $391 million in military aid from Ukraine in exchange for them investigation Biden — but we now know that is a lie.

Things continue to go from bad to worse for lying Schiff.

We also learned this week the true identity of the whistleblower who filed a complaint back in August about Trump’s call with Ukraine.

His name is Eric Ciaramella — and it’s worse than we thought.

We now know that Ciaramella is: (1) a registered Democrat; (2) worked for Obama and Joe Biden when they were in the White House; (3) is a vocal critic of Trump; (4) helped initiate the Russia “collusion” hoax; and (5) was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA.

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