Impeachment Notice Rocks D.C. – President Trump Is Smiling

Democrats are still determined to impeach President Donald Trump from office over his July 25th phone call with the Ukrainian president.

While Democrats impeachment circus has imploded in recent weeks on national television, a new report reveals that Republicans are about to turn the tables on Democrats.

It’s seems almost inevitable that the Democratic-controlled House will vote to impeach the president.

But Senate Republicans and the Trump administration are preparing a brilliant strategy if the impeachment trail moves into the GOP-controlled Senate.

If the impeachment trial moves to the Senate, the Republican-majority plans to call a number of top Democrats and the alleged whistleblower to testify during public hearings.

“Everyone knows what they’re going to do next. They’re going to impeach the president and send it on to the Senate, but that is the good news. That’s good news,” said Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart.

“In the U.S. Senate, there won’t be any secret testimony or dishonest leadership … or to deny a defense … So we’ll finally be able to get to the truth,” Stewart added.

Stewart said he hoped the Senate would call witnesses like the whistleblower, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, Burisma board member Devon Archer, DNC consultant Alexandra Chalupa, and Fusion GPS researcher Nellie Ohr.

“Every major fact that Democrats have simply glossed over or hand-waved away will be brought up in the Senate,” major Republican donor Dan Eberhart pointed out. “Their sham, partisan stunt will be brought to light.”

While some administration officials have pointed out that Senate Republicans would be justified in outright dismissing the articles of impeachment, many including Trump seem to be warming up to the advantages of having a trial.

In the House impeachment inquiry, only Schiff’s hand-picked witnesses were permitted to testify, and even then they clearly failed to make a case for impeachable actions on the part of Trump.

The Democrats have really dug themselves into a gigantic hole.

Recent polling shows that voters — especially Independents — are against their impeachment shame.

Assuming they do impeach Trump in the House and the trial moves to the Senate, Republicans are the majority and can call anyone they want to testify.

That means Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, could be forced to testify publicly about their shady business deals in Ukraine while Joe was serving as the vice president.

How well do you think crazy old Joe will hold up under grilling in the Senate?

The alleged whistleblower could also be hauled before the cameras and forced to testify under oath about his complaint against the president over his Ukraine phone call.

Republicans could even call Schiff to testify about allegations that the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, has a “bro-like” relationship with one of Schiff’s top aides.

Republicans will could ask Schiff why he intentionally omitted key evidence in transcripts that was favorable to Trump.

Here’s the cherry on top: Senate Democrats running for president can’t campaign while there’s an impeachment going on. Congressional rules state that all members of the U.S. Senate must be present for the impeachment trail.

Republicans could drag this out like Democrats have and hurt Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker in early states.

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