In Historic 4-3 Decision, Supreme Court Drops Hammer On Top Constitutional Right

Democrats thought they had a slam dunk of a case – now they’re furious!

It’s no secret that Democrats love going after our Constitutional rights—and they went after a big one here.

Democrats, saying they are “protecting” our society, wipe away our identities and beliefs. This is particularly true for small businesses.

We’ve seen this a lot lately, with battles going to the highest courts in the land.

But in this big fight, Americans finally come out the victor.

From Arizona Capitol Times:

The Arizona Supreme Court says Phoenix cannot force owners of a business to create wedding invitations for same-sex couples.

The anti-discrimination ordinance was challenged by Brush & Nib owners Breanna Koski and Joanna Duka,  who do not want to prepare their custom wedding invitations and other products for same-sex nuptials.

The 4-3 decision, issued today, is nationally historic, as the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to decide on any…

Boom! In a 4-3 vote, Arizona Supreme Court ruled the government cannot violate a business owner’s religious beliefs.

It’s a great day for Christian business owners in the state. But it’s sad that it had to come to this.

Our government should respect our liberties above everything else.

They are sending a message to America’s religious groups: don’t stand up for your faith or we’ll sue.

That cannot stand. The First Amendment protects our religious freedom. No government, not state or federal, has the right to take that away.

This ruling will have impacts beyond Arizona. Other court decisions will be influenced by this. The far left will lose a big power against Christian businesses.

They won’t be able to sue at the drop of a hat, just because a bakery or any other business upholds Biblical values.

Democrats will keep pushing for more “inclusion,” which is why we must keep standing up for our rights and beliefs.

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