It’s On: Trump Gives Written Notice – Congress Is Notified

Since taking office nearly three years ago, President Donald Trump has honored his commitment to put more Americans back to work and making people less reliant on the federal government.

The Trump administration has been committed to rooting out fraud and those abusing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — otherwise known as food stamps.

On Wednesday, the administration announced that it would finalize a rule change that could lead to 700,000 Americans losing food stamp benefits – but only if they refuse to comply with work requirements already in place on the federal level.

The White House sent Congress a letter announcing the move and detailing the exact plan.

The media is desperately trying to smear the president over this by claiming he’s taking away food from poor people.

That is a complete lie.

The new rule will only effect those who refuse to comply with work requirements already in place on the federal level.

The rule will change the rights states have to waive work requirements in times of “high unemployment,” which until now has been vaguely defined enough to allow many states to do so.

Now, however, only states with unemployment of six percent or more can waive the requirements for working at least 20 hours a week for able-bodied recipients ages 18-49.

The national unemployment rate is 3.6 percent.

The USDA said that about 688,000 people would lose access to food stamps under the new rules, saving the government save an estimated $5.5 billion.

These numbers assume that people can’t or won’t comply with the new rules and find work.

The USDA said that it found 2.9 million adults on the SNAP rolls were able-bodied and did not have dependents, and it said 2.1 million were not working.

This is the first of three rule changes aimed to augment the SNAP program proposed by the Trump administration.

The two others would “reform” the way 40 states automatically enroll families into SNAP when they receive other forms of federal aid and cap deductions made for housing and utility costs, which are considered when a person applies for food stamps.

Trump has made it a top priority to reduce the number of Americans who receive government benefits.

As part of his “America First” agenda, Trump has argued that he wants to create millions of new jobs so people can economically support themselves.

Several GOP lawmakers have called for stronger work requirements to eliminate dependence on government assistance but were unable to advance any legislation with former President Barack Obama in office.

Now, under Trump, it’s happening.

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