JAIL TIME? Mueller In Hot Water Over 1 Huge Lie He Told

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s entire Russia investigation was nothing more than a two-long scam that failed to give Democrats their chance to remove President Donald Trump from office.

In an effort to keep their Trump-Russia collusion theories alive, Democrats hauled in Mueller to testify last month about his report.

But now Mueller has been accused of telling a major lie under oath, which could result in him going to jail if lawmakers actually do something about it.

According to a report published by Real Clear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry on Wednesday, Mueller appears to have lied when he was asked about holding a random press conference to “clean-up” a mess his team created.

Newly-released court documents indicate Mueller may have made his brief press conference in May “as damage control after a federal judge privately threatened to hold his team in criminal contempt of court over what she called misleading language in his final report about Russian government interference in the 2016 election.”

On May 29, one day before his press conference from the Department of Justice about the Russia investigation, Judge Dabney Friedrich scolded the special counsel for implying that accused “trolling” firms run by Russian citizens were linked to the Russian government without providing evidence to prove the link.

Friedrich ordered the prosecution to clarify that its allegations “remain unproven.”

When Mueller spoke to the media, he referred to the indicted Russians as “private” entities.

During his testimony before Congress on July 24, California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock asked Mueller the following:

“Why did you suggest Russia was responsible for the troll farms, when in court you’ve been unable to produce any evidence to support it?”

Mueller responded by saying he would not “get into that any further.”

McClintock responded:

“In fact, the judge…considered holding prosecutors in criminal contempt. She backed off, only after your hastily called press conference the next day in which you retroactively made the distinction between the Russian government and Russian troll farms. Did your press conference on May 29th have anything to do with the threat to hold your prosecutors in contempt the previous day for publicly misrepresenting evidence?”

“No,” Mueller replied.

While speaking with Real Clear Investigations this week about Mueller’s answer, McClintock said: “It certainly doesn’t pass the smell test. If he lied, he’s guilty of perjury and lying to Congress. I think this would be of interest to the U.S. attorney investigating misconduct in this matter and the inspector general’s office.”

This is a major update.

Mueller initially claimed he has evidence and proof that the Russia government was directly connected to a Russian troll farm that was running posts on social media during the 2016 election.

When the judge scolded Mueller and told him to clarify, the ex-special counsel publicly conceded that the allegations “remain unproven.”

Then, under oath, Mueller tried claiming he didn’t change his answer after being threatened by the judge to be held in criminal contempt.

To be clear, if Mueller had been held in criminal contempt, the judge would have ordered him to be placed in custody — meaning he would have been taken to a jail cell.

Democrats and their anti-Trump allies have been desperately clinging to hope that Mueller’s testimony will give them the opportunity to impeach Trump.

But Mueller’s lackluster performance didn’t deliver the goods and has Democrats scrambling after their stunt backfired in spectacular fashion.

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