Jason Chaffetz Calls Out California – He Just Uncovered Their Plan To Steal 2020 From Trump

The 2020 elections are coming up fast, and President Trump is doing everything he can to Make America Great Again.

This includes our elections.

But Republican Jason Chaffetz just uncovered a very shady plan in the far-left state of California … and Trump needs to know about it.

It’s called ballot harvesting, and it can cause LOTS of problems.

What is ballot harvesting?

Ballot harvesting is when campaign staffers assist in the collection of votes from citizens like you and me.

Instead of people turning in ballots at secure locations, they drop them in the hands of campaigners. Yes, even into the hands of 20 year old millenials with an agenda.

Just think about that for a second…

This means those votes could be altered or even conveniently “lost” on their way to being turned in.

In fact, this had led to many instances of confirmed voter fraud across the country.

Now, this practice is illegal in many states but – surprise, surprise! – it’s perfectly legal in California!

As Chaffetz says:

In California … ballot harvesting was legalized by Democrats in the state legislature. They don’t consider it cheating in that state.

It was used to flip seven Republican seats to the Democratic column in 2018.

That’s right, they’ve already used this underhanded technique to gain control in California!

In his new book, “Power Grab,” Chaffetz says ballot harvesting shouldn’t be allowed because the ballots are “vulnerable to manipulation.”

How could anyone really know just how many votes were lost or changed? How could anyone trust this method?

And yet, all of this is perfectly legal in California. It figures, right?

And if it stays legal, it means voter fraud could explode in Cali during the 2020 election.

This is why President Trump must attempt to put a stop to ballot harvesting, not just in California but everywhereOur democratic process must remain clean!

Trump will win 2020 fair and square. But if the election is NOT fair, Democrats might be able to steal this country back…

And we can’t afford to let that happen! We need Trump for another four years!

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