Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’ Of Famous Clients Published Online

The mysterious death of alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has raised a plethora of new questions, but a reported leaked copy of his “little black book” may expose several prominent figures.

Epstein’s “little black book” supposedly details the names of wealthy and powerful figures who visited his private island — also known as “Orgy Island” — and took part in his alleged sex trafficking of underage girls.

The book was leaked online to Gawker and published by the website in January 2015.

It was allegedly smuggled out of Epstein’s residence by his former house manager, Alfredo Rodriguez, who was arrested after trying to sell it in 2008 for $50,000.

Rodriguez was charged with obstruction of justice and died in prison after 18 months suffering from a “long illness.”

According to an FBI affidavit, Rodriguez described the address book and the information contained within it as the “Holy Grail” or “Golden Nugget” to unraveling Epstein’s sprawling child-sex network.

But despite having been subpoenaed for everything he had on his former boss, Rodriguez didn’t share it with the FBI or Palm Beach Police Department detectives investigating Epstein. Instead, he tried to make a $50,000 score by covertly peddling the black book to one of the attorneys launching lawsuits at Epstein on behalf of his victims.

According to Zero Hedge, Epstein’s “little black book” detailed hundreds of names that the billionaire kept “in case of an emergency.”

In other words, Epstein kept blackmail on the powerful figures who took part in his alleged sex ring and abused underage girls.

Some of the names in the book include:

Ralph Fiennes
Alec Baldwin
David Blaine
Jimmy Buffett 
Courtney Love
Charlie Rose
Mike Wallace 
Barbara Walters
Ehud Barak
Tony Blair
David Koch 
John Gutfreund
Prince Andrew

And of course:

Bill Clinton and Donald Trump

Below is an alleged screenshot from Gawker detailing some of entries in Epstein’s book:

As a matter of public records, Trump was reportedly the “only one” to help a prosecuting attorney representing one of Epstein’s alleged victims.

Trump also banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago club after he was found trying to recruit underage girls.

However, former President Bill Clinton is likely sweating bullets given his close connection to Epstein.

The Clinton family could find themselves in hot water given their disturbing connection to Epstein, which dates all the way back to when President Bill Clinton was in office in the mid-1990s.

In his statement, Clinton claimed that he only began socializing with Epstein in 2002 and took just four flights aboard his “Lolita Express” private plane.

Both of those claims, according to records, are false.

Flight records indicate that Clinton was onboard the “Lolita Express” 26 times – five of those without his secret service detail.

Clinton lied — and he is in serious trouble over it.

The former president claimed he only traveled with Epstein a few times, but it was actually almost two dozen times.

He also ditched his Secret Service detail at least 5 times to go on trips with Epstein to go do things that were probably against the law and could have involved underage girls.

In fact, the Clinton family is so close to Epstein that one photo from Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding likely has the former first daughter furious.

And if Epstein kept any documents, logs, photographs, or videos of Clinton’s actions, they’re currently in the hands of the FBI.

That could mean very bad news for the Clintons, especially given they have a long history of mingling with the alleged pedophile.

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