Jim Jordan Sends The Order – Drops Deadline On Nancy Pelosi

The American people have been forced to endure this impeachment sham for over five months now. It has felt like an eternity.

In the beginning, Democrats wanted to rush it because it was so “urgent.” But now, they are dragging their feet and wanting to “slow down.”

But according to one top Republican, it could all be over very soon.

While speaking to the press on Monday, Ohio Republican Jim Jordan said he thinks the Senate impeachment trial will wrap up by late next week.

Jordan, one of the members of Trump’s legal defense team, also predicted the impeachment trial will end before the president gives his State of the Union address on Feb. 4.

Jordan said he believes the Democrats won’t be able to convince the GOP-controlled Senate to bring in witnesses, meaning the trial will last only until Trump’s defense team is done making their case, which will likely be late next week.

“I think it looks good for the president,” Jordan said.

“I feel real confident that hopefully next week we’ll get this decision and get this thing over with it and get on to the business of the American people,” Jordan said. “When you have [Democrats] talking for this long and not seeming to move anyone, the American people don’t seem to be tuning into this as much as we might have anticipated, I think it looks good for the president.”

Jordan said if Democrats decide to bring in witnesses, the whistleblower whose complaint about the Ukraine call sparked the impeachment inquiry should testify too, a talking point Jordan and other Republicans have maintained since the House hearings.

“If they’re going to go down this road — I hope they don’t, but if they do, if Democrats insist on witnesses and they get a few Republicans to vote with them — I don’t think that’s going to happen, but if they go down that road, you have to go all the way down it and whistleblower should come and testify,” Jordan said. “I don’t think they should, I don’t think that will happen.”

Here’s the most hilarious part: In just weeks, we might be seeing an acquitted president speak to the nation, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sitting right behind him.

Pelosi will have to listen to Trump tout his accomplishments and everything he’s accomplished while her party wasted so much time trying to remove him for office.

She’ll have to sit there and listen to the man she tried — and failed — to take down.

And you better believe Trump won’t let the night go without bringing up the left’s impeachment.

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