Jordan Sideswipes ‘Impeachment’ Nadler – Drops Comey Letter Into Jerry’s Lap, Leaves Him Speechless

Nadler thought he had a slam dunk – but Jim Jordan just dropped a gift in his lap!

We are hearing a lot about Rep. Nadler and his Impeachment Brigade, but he didn’t see Jim Jordan coming.

Nadler and his Democrats are pushing impeachment through, whether or not there’s evidence.

The Inspector General conducted its own investigations, and while it didn’t turn up anything on Trump, it came up with plenty on the investigators.

They sent a letter to Nadler about James Comey’s actions, but nothing was heard. So Jordan called him on it.

But when Jim Jordan asked Nadler about the letter the IG sent to his office, Jerry had a pretty sad response.

From Twitter:

“Has @RepJerryNadler been in contact with IG Horowitz about scheduling a hearing on the FISA abuse report? Nadler: “We will review any such letter.” The letter came last week, and it’s only two pages long!”

Wow. Even though the IG sent Nadler a letter concerning real abuses of power, the congressman claims to haven’t even reviewed it yet.

The letter arrived last week. And Nadler hasn’t bothered to read it yet?

This man is ramming his impeachment agenda through Congress. This, despite the fact there is no definitive evidence to support impeaching the president.

Yet real evidence, real investigations, have uncovered serious allegations about Comey and other members of the Obama DOJ. But Nadler doesn’t bother to read it?

Shouldn’t he be concerned that Comey wrongly leaked information? Shouldn’t he be concerned that there were agents abusing FISA warrants?

Nope! Nadler is determined to destroy his party’s reputation by pushing an impeachment the majority of America doesn’t want. And that’s according to the polls!

Jordan just exposed that Nadler’s not interested in justice, just taking down an effective president.

Do you agree with Jim Jordan – should they investigate James Comey?

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