Judge Drops Gavel On Arrested Democrat – Facing LIFE IN PRISON

After being arrested and charged with several serious crimes, one top Democrat could be facing life in prison.

A New York judge has rejected Harvey Weinstein’s bid to throw out the most serious charges in his sexual assault case, dealing a big blow to the disgraced movie mogul as he sought to limit the scope of his looming trial and any potential punishment.

The judge upholding the most serious charges against Weinstein makes it possible that he would serve a life sentence if convicted.

Weinstein — who was major donor to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — is free on bail after pleading not guilty on charges that include predatory sexual assault, which requires prosecutors to show a pattern of behavior.

As noted by Breitbart, the current case against Weinstein involves Annabella Sciorra accusing the Hollywood Democrat of raping her in 1993 or 1994, raping another woman in 2013, as well as other charges.

His lawyers had argued that the accusations by Sciorra predated the passage of the law he was being charged under, but the judge rejected that claim.

Breitbart reports:

In recent court filings, Weinstein’s lawyers objected to two of the five counts against him — both stemming from a charge called predatory sexual assault, which carries a maximum life sentence and requires prosecutors to show a pattern of misconduct.

Sciorra, known for her work on “The Sopranos,” alleges Weinstein forced himself inside her Manhattan apartment, threw her on the bed and raped her after she starred in a film for his movie studio.

Sciorra did not go to the authorities because she feared reprisal from Weinstein, prosecutors said. She told the story to The New Yorker in October 2017, but prosecutors said she didn’t speak with them until after Weinstein’s arrest in May 2018.

Burke also ruled against Weinstein on several other fronts.

The judge rejected Weinstein’s claim that emails obtained with a search warrant from two movie studio accounts and one private account are privileged and can’t be used as evidence at trial.

Burke denied Weinstein’s demand for access to the personnel file of a police detective whose alleged witness coaching led prosecutors to drop a charge last year.

He denied the defense’s request to unseal the identities of the two women whose allegations led to charges against Weinstein.

Several women have also come forward and accused Weinstein of raping them as well as paying some “hush money” to remain silent about what he did to them.

While Weinstein may soon be held accountable for his actions, liberals have largely remained silent on the movie producer because he donated millions to Democrats for years.

He was a major donor to both Clinton and Obama for years to help advance their far-left agenda into American politics.

There were also numerous reports that Clinton was warned several times about Weinstein’s behavior, but she still accepted his donations and help — including in the 2016 presidential election.

It’s unclear what happens next to the prominent Democratic donor, but Weinstein is could be facing life in prison, and the judge in this case seems to be siding with the prosecution on many of their charges and arguments.

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