JUST IN: Supreme Court Announcement STUNS Media – Trump Is Smiling

President Donald Trump has made immigration a top priority since he decided to run for president back in 2015.

And despite little to no help from Democrats, the president has been practically begging the Left to strike a deal on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

But news out of the U.S. Supreme Court this week seems to strongly suggest that the Trump administration is poised to get a huge win in the case regarding DACA.

The nation’s highest court just heard oral arguments and one of the central issues addressed was the legality of issuing work permits to DACA recipients, with the Trump administration contending that there is no basis in existing federal law to allow it.

Ted Olson, the chief lawyer representing the DACA recipients, seemed to struggle when trying to cite any relevant federal law to support his clients’ position on the matter — or even acknowledging the Trump administration’s stance on the question.

“The Congress of the United States has passed a statute that says if a person is in a deferred action category, that person may be given — and there’s federal regulations and federal statutes — that person may be given authorization if they apply for it, if they meet all of the standards,” Olson said, according to Breitbart.

“And it makes perfect sense,” Olson continued, adding, “that someone the administration has decided is not going to be deported is in a position to support himself or herself or their family and be a part of the community rather than be dependent upon the government.”

He went on: “So once the decision is made there are statutes and regulations that authorize the application for permission to work, and those are laws which the government hasn’t even challenged.”

Yet, when a reporter asked him which statute provides the work permit law, Olson had nothing.

“Well, we’ll get that to you — I don’t have it,” he admitted. “We’ll get you the actual citation of the statute. Believe me,” he said, motioning towards the Supreme Court building, “no one challenged that in there.”

Solicitor General Leon Francisco — who is arguing the case on behalf of the Trump administration — pointed out that Olson has no argument whatsoever.

“The theory on which DACA rests effectively allows the government to create a shadow [Immigration and Nationality Act] INA for any category of aliens that it chooses to make low-priority targets, a shadow second-tier INA. And you, at the very least, need to locate something in the INA that confers that kind of broad and unfettered discretion. And there is simply nothing there,” Francisco argued.

“My second point is that DACA goes far beyond simply diverting resources to higher priority targets — which you are absolutely right, every law enforcement agency has to divert resources to higher priority targets,” the solicitor general said.

He went on: “DACA goes materially further than that because it actively facilitates violations of the law by providing advance forbearance, coupling it with affirmative benefits like work authorization and Social Security benefits, doing it on a categorical basis. And, significantly — and this was my third point — it has no limiting principle.”

The Obama-era DACA program has not only shielded millions of illegal children currently in the U.S., it also rewards illegals over American children and families.

The Supreme Court ruling is going to be massive.

If the Court upholds DACA and rules Obama had the legal right to create the program, it’s doubtful that Democrats would even try to negotiate a deal with Trump.

But if the SCOTUS strikes down the program and rules it unconstitutional, Democrats will be in total disarray.

They will either have to make a deal with Trump and Republicans to get DACA passed in Congress or the president would have the legal right to have all of the Dreamers deported.

The ruling is going to send shock waves.

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