JUST IN: Susan Collins, Key Swing Vote, Announces Decision On Impeaching Trump

This is the bombshell announcement that both Republicans and Democrats have been waiting for.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins who, along with Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, voted against Republicans and President Donald Trump to ask for more witnesses in his impeachment trial, will vote to acquit the president.

Romney is scheduled to announce his vote later today but it is likely he will join the other Republicans, meaning that no part of impeachment will have been bipartisan.

It also means that President Donald Trump is going to be acquitted and vindicated on Wednesday.

“In the trial of President Clinton, I argued that in order to convict, we must conclude from the evidence presented to us with no room for doubt that our Constitution will be injured, and our democracy suffer, should the president remain in office one moment more,” she said.

“Impeachment for a president should be reserved for conduct that poses such a serious threat to our governmental institutions so as to warrant the extreme step of immediate removal for office.

“I voted to acquit President Clinton, even though the House managers proved to my satisfaction that he did commit a crime,” she said.

Collins argued that House impeachment managers “did little to support its assertion in Article One that the president will remain a threat to national security and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office,” she said.

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