JUST IN: Top Democrat CHARGED – Senate In Shock

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives officially passed both articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump almost two weeks ago.

While everyone has been fixated on the impeachment charade, many likely missed that a top Senate Democrat has been accused of breaking the law during the three-month long witch hunt.

Democratic Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan has been hit by a complaint filed against him with the Federal Elections Commission accusing him of illicit campaign activities, The Washington Times reported.

F or the second time in his political career, Peters has been accused of illegally coordinating his campaign with outside “dark money” progressive groups.

The FEC complaint, which was filed by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, alleges Peters was secretly coordinating his re-election efforts with a progressive left advocacy group known as Majority Forward.

Previously, FACT had filed an FEC complaint which asserted that Peters was similarly coordinating in illicit fashion with a left-leaning veterans group known as VoteVets.

Both of those advocacy groups fall into the category of “dark money” political organizations in that they are not required to disclose information about their donors, and thus are subject to certain restrictions on political activities under federal election laws.

The FEC complaint also alleges that Peters used a “designated webpage” to post instructions to political advocacy groups with which he was legally prohibited from working directly, instructions those groups used to run ads to Peters’ benefit.

“Peters provides detailed content for advertisements and markets in which to run the advertisements based upon the campaign’s internal data and advertising needs, and provides it in a format designed to directly communicate with outside organizations,” Arnold wrote, according to the Times.

“In this case, Majority Forward then republished campaign materials in the form of advertisements. This type of behavior is contrary to a federal law that prohibits candidates from coordinating with outside groups and is a prohibited campaign contribution,” she added.

Also included in the complaint is the allegation that, due to Majority Forward having acted on the information illicitly provided by Peters, the advocacy group essentially made an illegal contribution to the campaign estimated to be worth $20,000 to $25,000 by virtue of “distributing, republishing and financing the dissemination of campaign material.”

Peters is also facing a tough re-election.

The Democratic senator is being challenged by John James, a Republican candidate, Army veteran, and business owner.

And if evidence proves James did break the law, it could push even more voters into supporting James and giving Republicans control of the Senate seat in Michigan.

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