Just In: Trump Just REVERSED It – Dems Are Losing Their Minds

While Democrats are only focused on trying to remove him from office, President Donald Trump has been very busy lately getting things done.

Trump has spent years trying to clean up many of former President Barack Obama’s mistakes, and the president reversed another disastrous policy this week that has triggered Democrats.

The Trump administration announced that it has reversed Obama’s policy declaring Israeli settlements on the West Bank illegal.

In a statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that “the Trump administration is reversing the Obama administration’s approach.”

Pompeo also encouraged Israel and Palestine to ultimately resolve the decades-long dispute, and emphasized the United States is ready to facilitate peace however possible.

The Carter administration originally declared the Israeli settlements violated international law, but the Reagan administration disagreed and reversed the policy.

The Bush administration remained consistent with Reagan’s decision.

However, Obama reversed the policy and reinstated the Carter policy.

Now, Trump has reversed it and gone back to the Reagan-era policy.

Below is an explainer from Breitbart on the history of the West Bank:

Israel took over the region during the Six Day War in June 967, after Jordan, ignoring pleas from Israel to stay out of the unfolding war with Egypt and Syria, began shelling western Jerusalem. Israel’s counter-attack was victorious.

Though the area is commonly described as “occupied,” Israel has long maintained that the territory is actually “disputed,” since Jordan had no sovereign right to the territory. If anything, Israel has a superior legal claim, resting on the Balfour Declaration on 1917 and the subsequent League of Nations approval of the British Mandate, which included provision for a Jewish National Home in Palestine. Palestinians also claim the area for their future state.

Jews had lived in portions of Judea and Samara for millennia. It is the Biblical cradle of the Jewish faith; Jews also lived in Jerusalem, Hebron, and other areas. Many were killed or expelled in the 1948 war of independence, but some began coming back, and establishing new settlements on state land, from 1968 onward. Critics alleged that Israel was violating the Fourth Geneva Convention, which deals with occupied territories, but Israel countered that the territory was not “occupied”; that Palestinians were not being expelled; and that Jews were entering voluntarily.

In 1978, the Carter administration adopted the position that the settlements violated international law. President Ronald Reagan reversed that policy, but then Obama reinstated it during the lame duck days of his administration.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Trump to convey his personal gratitude for the change.

As expected, Democrats and their allies in the media were not happy about the move.

The far-left, George Soros-backed J Street called the decision “destructive” and accused Trump of “providing political gifts to Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

Left-leaning outlet Foreign Policy published a column groundlessly claiming Trump reversing the policy would result in innocent people being killed in the Middle East.

CNN ran a piece claiming Trump only reversed the policy to “stick it to Obama” and that he “upturned international law and irritated the European Union.”

Trump has made it clear the United States will stand with its strongest ally in the Middle East and that his administration will always stand with Israel.

And no matter how mad liberals get, Trump is going to keep undoing as much of Obama’s disastrous “legacy” as possible.

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