Kamala Harris Announces Her Border Security Plan, Embarrasses Herself

On Monday night’s edition of MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes” Senator Kamala Harris announced her border security plan and it’s a doozy.

Hayes asked Harris how she would solve the crisis at the border if she were president to which she replied:

“It’s a multiprong approach that is required. So it is both about reinstating that aid so we can deal with the — the long-term effects of the crisis and — and hopefully mitigate or reduce them.

We can potentially reduce the reason that they have to flee. There is short-term what we need to do, which to is to have a robust approach to processing asylum claims, so that we give people a meaningful process by which they can tell their stories and describe the harm they’re fleeing” Harris said.

She ended by stating “So there are many things that must be done, that are both around prevention in the long term but also addressing the current issue, which is a humanitarian issue, and requires a humanitarian response.

That’s not what we’ve seen.

We’ve seen an administration that is engaged in a very punitive approach to people who are vulnerable and are seeking help from us as a country.

This is not reflective of who we are or who we should be as — as a country who has said that we will accept and receive those who are fleeing harm.”

Harris would be a disaster as President:

By Steve Straub/TheFederalistPapers

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