Kamala Harris Left Secret Memo At Restaurant – She Did NOT Want You To See This

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris made a huge mistake this week — and her presidential ambitions could be completely dead.

During a campaign stop in Manchester, New Hampshire, Harris’ campaign staffers accidentally left an internal briefing memo at a restaurant.

The document, which was leaked to Politico, reveals secrets and talking points that were never meant to be made public.

The memo was intended to prepare the California senator for questions about her poor poll numbers and limited number of presidential campaign stops in the first-in-the-nation primary state.

The “Briefings and Talking Points” memo also included details about how Harris is desperately trying to court top Democrats in New Hampshire — such as New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen — to help her flailing campaign.

“You haven’t traveled to New Hampshire as frequently as some of your Democratic rivals,” the memo said, anticipating questions from reporters. “Is the state a priority for your campaign?”

Talking points to rebuff criticisms included “NH absolutely a priority for my campaign — excited to be back for the convention and other events around the state,” “Lots of voters are starting to tune in right after Labor Day,” and “Fully intend to win” in response to “Path to victory — Summer Slump?”

Ironically enough, the first question from reporters following her speech at the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention on Saturday addressed Harris spending less time in the state than some of her primary rivals.

“It’s a very important state, obviously, it’s an early state, and the people of New Hampshire in my experience are — are informed, they make me a better candidate,” Harris said. “So yes, I plan on spending and continuing to spend a lot of time in this great state.”

In other words, Harris has been tanking in the national polls and has been skipping over New Hampshire to go off and do other things.

Her campaign appears to be in panic mode and the memo was intended to help her address media questions about this.

But her secret memo is nothing more than typical politician-speak, and it’s doubtful that voters will buy her lame talking points.

Her poll numbers have been dropping because she continues to make controversial statements and unveil absurd policy ideas.

Last week, she responded “well said, I agree” after a voter called Trump “mentally retarded.”

Immediately after the two mass shootings last month in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, Harris responded by sending out an email in which she begged supporters to donate to her 2020 campaign.

Just consider that: immediately after two horrific shootings, her first thought was to send out social media posts and emails begging for money to help her 2020 campaign.

Things have been so bad for Harris that her own father went public recently and revealed that she is a “total fraudster.”

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