Why and how to keep a diary of success to strengthen your personal growth



Sometimes we run into obstacles, failures and unlucky moments. Some persistently perceive such events, and some completely get lost and may fall into depression.

To prevent things like this, it is recommended by many successful people to keep a diary of success.

Why do I need a success diary?

It is very important to consider your success diary as your “wand-rescue stick” in difficult moments of life. However, don’t think that you need a diary of success only in times of failure. The success diary should be read as often as possible, especially when you lack motivation or you are insecure in your abilities.

In addition, thanks to the success diary you can better understand your strengths and develop an important habit of your success – focusing on personal achievements.

How to manage a success diary?

For your success diary, you can use a notepad, laptop or your smartphone. Be sure to pay attention to the structure of your diary, in it you will record all your successes. Y our successes must be recorded properly and neatly, in order for you to navigate back and forth as needed. Therefore, to emphasize once again – the appearance and structure of the diary should testify to your successes. Keep it nice and organized.

What to write in the diary:

  1. All the things that turned out especially well during your day.
  2. All the compliments that you heard addressed to you.
  3. All the achievements and accomplishments for the day.

It is best practice to write in your success diary during the evenings, summing up the full day. Always acknowledge your written success immediately after righting it down, re-read it at least 1 time to confirm you wrote it down accurately.

It is very important to set a goal to find at least 5 or more of your successes per day.

Errors in maintaining a diary of success:

Some people criticize the diaries of success, explaining this by saying that a person accentuates small things (cooked steak well, made a report well, had a great sales call, etc.), which are not particularly important.

To some extent this statement is correct. Therefore, we recommend that the main emphasis in the diary be made on those successes that directly relate to your main goals. Everyone has their unique goals, write about what’s most important to you.

For small joys of life outside of professional goals, have a separate diary or select a special section in the diary of success.

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