Left-Wing Policies Have Major Blowback In NYC

In a cause-and-effect scenario law enforcement experts could see coming a mile away, following a series of Left-wing ‘criminal justice reforms’ along with open hostility towards police by Mayor Bill DeBlasio, major crimes have spiked in New York City.

Local affiliate Fox5 reports that major criminal acts have skyrocketed 22.5 percent over this time last year, while shootings have spiked more than 7 percent.

“Robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto crimes all saw increases,” the affiliate reported.

The only bright spot in the new stats is the murder rate, which is down 20 percent, according to the most recent stats, with just 20 people killed in February. And while that seems like a negligible figure in a city of more than 8 million people, if shootings are up, then it’s only a matter of time before gun-related deaths and homicides are up as well.

But here’s the gist of the story: “Police officials blame criminal justice reforms for the uptick in crime.”

Fox5 notes:

The NYPD says that in the first 58 days of 2020, 482 individuals who had already been arrested for committing a felony such as a robbery or a burglary were rearrested for committing an additional 846 crimes.

Thirty-five percent, or 299, were for arrests in the seven major crime categories – murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto – that is nearly triple the amount of those crimes committed in the same 58 days in 2019.

Police officials noted that before the DeBlasio-led “bail reform,” these are all offenses that would have landed suspects in jail.

Not anymore.

Here’s another notable quotable from the story: Police have noted an uptick in kid-on-kid crimes, meaning that the next generational crime wave to hit the Big Apple is already learning the ropes, including how to remain just under the radar in terms of ‘bail reform.’

Again, though, anyone with a lick of common sense knew this was coming. As President Trump noted in November, his home town of New York City was doing just fine until it was “ruined” by Left-wing Democrats DeBlasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The NYPD knows what’s going on as well, and who’s responsible, for the most part: DeBlasio, who says he warned his son, who is black, to ‘be careful around cops’ before taking a trip to Atlanta with cousins at the age of 13.

By Tank Murdoch/National Sentinel

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