Limbaugh Drops Truth BOMB About Obama’s CIA Director Using Fake Passport

Rush Limbaugh dropped some stunning allegations on former CIA Director and Trump-hater John Brennan.

Brennan reportedly traveled to Ukraine with a fake passport to dig dirt on Trump.

As we mentioned earlier today, we believe John Brennan may have been the leader of this operation, which we believe was set in motion to bring Trump down, at all costs.

If you recall, just this last, it was just this past weekend that Obama’s former CIA director, Brennan, made a desperate plea to those DS agents, we believe are embedded in the Trump administration.

Can you believe this partisan, former Communist Party voter, was INCHARGE of the CIA and all it’s clandestine tyrannical assets?

Rush Limbaugh claimed that he had evidence that Brennan traveled to the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump … UNDER A FALSE PASSPORT.

So much for condemning the Trump administration for using the power of the executive branch to try and crush your opponents, huh John.

From Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: I got an email, “What do you mean, Brennan traveled to Ukraine with a fake passport? I didn’t hear that.” Well, folks, I’m sorry. Let me give you the details. John Brennan, Obama’s director-CIA, went to Ukraine under a fake passport so that nobody would know it was him. Fake name. Can you do that? Can you get a fake passport? No. John Brennan can, CIA director. I’m surprised he even needed a passport. But he went under a fake passport to get opposition research on Trump!

The Obama administration originally lied about Brennan’s visit, but they were forced later to admit the report was true after evidence of Brennan’s visit emerged. This is that guy, John Brennan, who over the weekend encouraged every deep stater to come forward and blow the whistle on Trump. (summarized) “There is no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower statute. If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of Trump, now is the time to report it!”

Is Brennan gonna pay all of you whistleblowers? Is he gonna pay for your protection? This is a former director of the CIA asking the deep state to rise en mass and start blowing the whistle on Trump with a bunch of made-up lies! This guy’s fingers are as dirty as anybody’s on the dossier, including McCain’s people. He traveled to Ukraine under a fake passport. The Obama regime denied it until the news was undeniable. Then they had to admit it.

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