Lindsey Graham Disagrees With President Trump, Says American Should Not Rush Back To Work

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is often on the side of President Donald Trump, but when it comes to how to handle coronavirus in the future the two men are not on the same side.

The president is of the mind to ease restrictions on states that have not been hit hard by coronavirus sometime by Easter.

But the Republican senator does not think that is a wise idea. He believes that we should continue the policy of social distancing and quarantines, Fox News reported.

“Hopefully we can do it before Easter, but it’s got to be conditioned,” the president said when speaking to reporters about the time frame of getting the nation back to normal.

“I want to get out of Afghanistan, but if the generals tell me we will get attacked if we get out too soon, I won’t get out,” he said.

None of us know what the answer is, but it is nice to know that the president is going to listen to the experts on what to do.

The economy has been annihilated by this pandemic and it is likely to continue to be pounded the longer the social distancing and quarantines continue.

The fine line to walk is between saving businesses, jobs and the economy and saving lives. No doubt, saving lives should take precedence but when there is economic calamity that can also cost lives.

Speaking with Fox News, Sen. Graham expressed his belief that the policies that are currently in place should continue.

“To the president, you are right to want to jump-start the economy, but don’t try to create an economic bump that leads to a spike in the virus,” he said.

“So any decision to open up the economy based on age or reason needs to be scientifically blessed by the experts,” he said.

Graham said that presidents in history have regretted taking action on their own and not listening to the experts around them.

But President trump has vowed to listen to the experts and work accordingly to mitigate the loss of American lives.

The senator even gave credit to Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo who said that we should work on the economy but also emphasize saving lives.

“Listened to New York Governor Cuomo’s explanation of how to balance reopening the economy against public health concerns.

“He rightfully said we can do both but it must be done smartly, always erring on the side of public health,” he said on Twitter.

Graham said if the data suggests it can be done and the nation can get back to normal by Easter “If the data supports it, I’m for it.”

Is the Easter date possible? The experts appear to believe it is not, but it is a nice goal to have.

We must continue to be cautious because every life is precious and we do not want to have this virus kill any more people.

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