Major Criminal Announcement – The FBI Just FOUND IT

Alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein supposedly committed suicide on Aug. 10, but there are still countless unanswered questions surrounding his mysterious death.

Several questions also loom about the alleged child sex ring that he operated, who all may have been involved, and how it all got started.

But now, one woman has come forward with an explosive allegation against one of Epstein’s most powerful buddies — and the FBI wants to speak with her.

A woman who accused Prince Andrew of groping her breast while sitting on a couch in Epstein’s Manhattan apartment in 2001 has said she will testify to the FBI about the prince’s long relationship with Epstein.

Johanna Sojberg said she will testify against the royal member under oath about the long relationship between Prince Andrew and Epstein.

The FBI is investigating the death of Epstein in a Manhattan prison cell as a possible criminal enterprise.

And if Sojberg’s allegations are true, that would be another criminal charge against Epstein.

Another woman, Virginia Roberts, has claimed that the prince had sex with her on three separate occasions when she was underage, and a former Epstein pilot has claimed that Prince Andrew flew to Epstein’s private island where underage girls were allegedly kept and abused.

The Daily Mail reports:

Johanna Sjoberg says she is willing to testify under oath against the Duke of York and tell US agents all she knows about the royal’s long friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The 39-year-old, from Maine in America, is the second Epstein victim to claim that Andrew had sexual contact with her while on his knee at the billionaire’s New York home when she was 21.

A decade after she first spoke out, Joanna is ready to speak to the FBI after Andrew’s disastrous BBC interview where he was accused of showing no sympathy for the victims Epstein groomed and abused, according to the Mirror.

A source said: ‘As a victim of Epstein, Sjoberg’s testimony over how she was recruited and abused is vital to the FBI.’

It would seem that Sjoberg wants to talk to the FBI and the FBI would be more than opening to hear from her.

Epstein was arrested and charged in June for allegedly running a sex traffic ring with underage girls.

While the Department of Justice is still looking into the alleged suicide, investigators will likely turn their attention to those who were closely connected to Epstein.

This is also bad news for the Clintons.

The Clinton family could find themselves in hot water given their disturbing connection to Epstein that dates back at least two decades.

Flight records indicate that Clinton lied about being onboard the “Lolita Express” 26 times – five of those without his secret service detail.

In fact, the Clinton family is so close to Epstein that one photo from Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding likely has the former first daughter furious.

There’s even a video allegedly showing Epstein at the White House when Clinton was in office.

The Clintons connection to Epstein was already disturbing, but things just kicked up a notch now that the FBI is launching an investigation into his mysterious death.

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