Major Supreme Court Result – President Trump LOVES It

President Donald Trump has made immigration a top priority since he decided to run for president back in 2015.

And despite little to no help from Democrats, the president has been practically begging the Left to strike a deal on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

But a new report reveals that the U.S. Supreme Court may be poised to deliver a gigantic ruling on the DACA program.

The nation’s highest court will finally decide on the fate of DACA by June 2020, and according to the Associated Press — the Trump administration has a good shot at winning its case to strike down the program.

Pundits are suggesting that Trump could reign victorious because five of the nine justices seated on the nation’s highest court are considered to be judicial conservatives, giving the Trump administration a solid advantage going into the DACA case.

What’s more, former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano believes that there are political advantages to pursuing the matter.

“Perhaps they think it better that they be ordered by the court to do it as opposed to doing it correctly on their own,” Napolitano told the AP.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco, who is arguing the administration’s case before the Supreme Court, offered a different perspective.

“We think the way we did it is entirely appropriate and lawful. If we did it in a different way, it would be subject to challenge,” Francisco said at a Smithsonian Institution event exploring the current Supreme Court term, which began in October.

Reason Foundation senior analyst Shikha Dalmia argued that the president has solid legal ground and that Trump has a ton of leverage in striking a deal with congressional Democrats.

“Even though Trump will almost certainly prevail in court, he shouldn’t necessarily celebrate. The Supreme Court’s ruling is expected in 2020 spring or summer. In other words, just a few months before the November elections,” Dalmia argued in June. “If the court gives him the green light to scrap DACA but he dithers in mass deporting Dreamers, he will lose face with his hardline restrictionist supporters whom he is trying to mobilize to the polls.”

The Obama-era DACA program has not only shielded millions of illegal children currently in the U.S., it also rewards illegals over American children and families.

Trump has offered Democrats several chances to negotiate a DACA deal, but they have balked at everything he proposes.

Last year, Trump offered a more than fair deal to Democrats: he would support a pathway to citizenship for 1 million DACA beneficiaries in exchange for a $25 billion trust fund for border security measures, ending the immigration lottery, and a substantial reduction in chain migration.

Democrats have refused to even discuss the proposal, let alone negotiate it any deal at all to address the border crisis.

With all of this considered, the Supreme Court ruling is going to be massive.

If the Court upholds DACA and rules Obama had the legal right to create the program, it’s doubtful that Democrats would even try to negotiate a deal with Trump.

But if the SCOTUS strikes down the program and rules it unconstitutional, Democrats will be in total disarray.

They will either have to make a deal with Trump and Republicans to get DACA passed in Congress or the president would have the legal right to have all of the Dreamers deported.

The ruling is going to send shock waves.

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