McConnell Uses Masterful Trick To Defeat Democrats – Senate Confirms It 1-0

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has been trying his best to slow down President Donald Trump.

But the New York lawmaker just suffered another defeat after a masterful trick by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate.

Gordon Sondland, President Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the European Union, was confirmed to his post through a process by which McConnell was the only senator to actually cast a vote.

Sondland was literally confirmed 1-0, with McConnell casting the “aye” vote and not one else voting.

Schumer and Democrats tried to stall Sondland’s confirmation because he’s somewhat at the center of the Trump-Ukraine scandal by virtue of a series of text message exchanges with other administration officials.

Despite efforts to delay the vote, McConnell used a pretty smart procedure that resulted in him being the only senator to actually cast a vote on the Senate floor for Sondland’s confirmation.

A report from Mediaite breaks down the procedural process that made this possible:

Sondland’s nomination is recorded as a confirmation by “voice vote,” which normally means a bunch of senators say “aye” and maybe some say “nay,” and then the presiding officer eyeballs the result and announces the winner.

But Sondland was confirmed at the end of a very long session, and McConnell moved for a voice vote on all the nominees via “unanimous consent,” which means that everyone in the Senate had agreed to let the voice vote decide.

Since McConnell was the only one left, his lone “Aye” meant that the “Ayes” had it.

Schumer has desperately tried to stop Trump’s agenda and his breakneck pace of reshaping the judiciary, but he has failed spectacularly.

The Republican-controlled Senate confirmed Trump’s 150th judicial nominee last week, giving the president another victory on his campaign promise to remake the federal bench with a conservative bent.

Analysis shows that Trump is on pace to appoint 30 percent of all federal judges currently on the bench by the end of his first term.

And if Trump wins re-election in 2020 and serves another four years — it’s more than likely that he will have appointed more than 50 percent of all federal judges when he leaves office in 2024.

Trump’s judicial appointments also include two Supreme Court justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

That’s certainly a historic accomplishment, and the Republican-controlled Senate is reshaping the federal courts across the country for decades to come.

Schumer has been losing a lot lately on key battles. Below are a few examples:

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