Megyn Kelly Returns To Fox News

There’s been a lot of attention on Fox News lately — and not for the right reasons.

President Donald Trump has been railing against the once staunchly conservative cable news company for turning Left and hiring more liberals to take part on their shows.

And last week, left-wing anchor Shepard Smith abruptly quit live on air and announced that he was leaving the network.

Now, former Fox News star Megyn Kelly is returning to Fox News primetime — briefly.

Kelly will appear Wednesday night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for her first television interview since being fired one year ago from NBC News.

After signing a whopping 3-year, $69 million contract with NBC News, she was fired in 2018 over comments she made about “blackface” and how it used to be an acceptable Halloween consume.

During his show on Monday night, Carlson hinted that Kelly was coming on the show to talk about NBC News, the recent rape allegations against former NBC star Matt Lauer, and the network’s treatment of the Harvey Weinstein accusations.

“This Wednesday night — two nights from now — someone that knows an awful lot about NBC is making her first T.V. appearance since parting ways with that channel nearly a year ago,” Carlson said.

“Megyn Kelly will join us as a guest on this program for her first interview. She’s got a lot to say, and I hope you’ll watch,” Carlson added.


The timing of Kelly’s appearance on Fox News has led to widespread rumors that she may be auditioning and testing the waters to potentially come back to the network.

Speculation is rife that she may replace Smith and take over his 3 p.m. time slot.

Last Friday, Smith quit from his role as Chief News Anchor and Managing Editor of Fox News’ breaking news unit.

Smith leaving the network came just weeks after a bombshell report that management at Fox News are experiencing what sources called a “Trump identity crisis” over Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky back in July.

A so-called “whistleblower” filed a complaint alleging potential illegal actions took place.

On this call, Trump reportedly asked the Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, over shady business dealings with a Ukrainian gas company.

This led to a major feud on-air between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Smith.

Sources who took part in the meeting said that Fox warned Smith to stop attacking Trump and his colleagues or he could be fired.

And, two weeks after the meeting, Smith quit.

Kelly hasn’t appeared on Fox News since she left in 2017, but now she is magically coming back less than a week after Smith left the network?

The timing certainly seems interesting.

What do you think? Would you like to see Kelly come back to Fox News?

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