Men Recorded Trying To Jump Trump’s New Border Wall – Epic Fail

They didn’t realize this was Donald’s new wall – they never saw it coming!

Walls don’t work, eh? Democrats claim Trump’s border wall won’t stop the flow of people into our country?

I guess somebody didn’t tell these two criminals that!

Before President Trump, our border fencing was in a bad state.

But thanks to him, many crucial areas along the border have big, beautiful barriers 30 feet high.

The media claims Trump has made zero progress on his promised wall. That’s a lie. And these two crooks found out the hard way.

From Twitter:

“Unable to scale the new primary border barrier and flee back to Mexico, two men who entered the U.S. illegally near San Diego were arrested by #BorderPatrol. Barriers give agents the time they need to respond and contain illicit activity at the immediate border. @CBP”

Wow! This is so good. Be sure to watch that video a few times. It’s so great to see these crooks get foiled by Trump’s big beautiful barrier.

Now, Trump’s wall is meant to keep criminals out of the country. But in this case, these two guys were trying to flee into Mexico.

But the results are the same. They try to scale the barriers. But you can see for yourself how they slip down every time they get a few feet off the ground.

Their comical attempts to scale Trump’s wall fail again and again. Meanwhile, authorities are given enough time to reach them and arrest them.

That’s how the system is supposed to work. That’s why we need a wall.

If the case was reserved and people were trying to get into the country, they’d just keep slipping and slipping. That would give time for Mexico authorities to apprehend them and take them away.

You see how easy it can be?

So, what’s stopping the rest of the border from being secure with such a nice, unclimbable wall?

Oh… Congress. Yeah.

Maybe we need to elect a new group of lawmakers in D.C. Ones who are smart enough to see that walls work.

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