Mexico Continues To Leave Border Wide Open, Donald Drops His Own “Trump Brand” Of Justice

Mexico is letting them roll right in – so the President is dropping his border hammer.

We’ve got a crisis on our border and it’s not going away on its own. It’s going to take ACTION.

Whose fault is it? Well, the Democrats, of course. Why? They fought Trump’s wall and promised welfare for border jumpers.

But it’s not just the Left’s fault. Mexico has played a big role in the ongoing crisis.

They were supposed to prevent Central American caravans from crossing their country. Instead, they just let them roll on through.

Trump warned them of consequences, and for a moment they behaved, but now their border is wide open again.

Donald has had enough, so he’s dropping his own “Trump brand” of justice on them.

He’s coming for you, Mexico.

President Trump took to Twitter to call out Mexico for doing “virtually nothing” to stop caravans from coming to our border.

He says Mexico’s attitude is that everyone should have the right to flow into our country. I mean, how could they argue otherwise?

100,000 crossed into our country in March—and then again in April!

Mexico and Central America seem to think American taxpayers should shoulder the burden of taking care of their unwanted citizens.

They do nothing as hundreds of thousands flee their poor-run countries to come here.

President Trump has had enough.

He vowed that he will soon be giving a response to Mexico for their ongoing refusal to help in this crisis.

These caravans would not be a problem if Mexico simply turned them away at their (much smaller) border.

Instead, Mexico lets them pass through, even helping them reach our border.

That’s got to change, amigos, or ELSE.

What will President Trump’s response be? He’s threatened to both close the border and nix the new trade deal with Mexico.  Mexico can’t afford either choice.

He said they’d have a year to clean up, but he’s not seeing signs they’re trying to help, so that timetable may be out the window.

If they were smart (smarter than Democrats), they’d start helping right away.

By Adam Casalino

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