Mike Huckabee: Americans Aren’t Buying What Democrats Are Selling on Illegal Immigration

Op-Ed By Mike Huckabee

As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, the left can’t win arguments with reason, facts or history, so they use emotional appeals and redefine terms.

For instance, if you simply want to enforce existing laws to stop the flood of illegal aliens into the United States, then you “hate” (emotion) “immigrants” (redefining a term to mean something it was never meant to mean).

Well, that works among their friends in the elite bubbles of politics and the media, but it appears that most Americans still have the good sense to understand that words mean things and that policy decisions should be based on reasoned thinking, not emotions.

So after years of browbeating people into being afraid to say what they really think about illegal immigration, it seems most Americans still think the same way even if they don’t say it out loud for fear of setting off tantrums and Twitter mobs.

A new poll by Monmouth University — which, by the way, was slightly skewed in favor of Democrats — found that by 51 to 41 percent, Americans think asylum seekers should have to wait in Mexico rather than being let into the U.S. while they are vetted.

Forty-six percent think asylum claimants are just trying to get around the immigration system, while only 37 percent think they’re legitimate and 17 percent aren’t sure.

And here’s the kicker: by 46 to 43 percent, Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s suggestion of shipping detained illegal entrants to “sanctuary cities” that claim they welcome them.

That’s the policy that (between the two of them) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Gov. Gavin Newsom have sputtered was “cruel,” “cynical,” “despicable,” “criminal,”  “unserious,” “illegal,” “asinine,” “sophomoric,” “ludicrous,” “petulant,” “insulting,” “immoral,” “pathetic,” “demoralizing,” “un-American” and “illegal.”

And a plurality of Americans favors it. As do 31 percent of Democrats!

Also, a new Rasmussen poll found that only 36 percent of Americans favor the community where they live declaring itself a “sanctuary city,” and just 31 percent oppose Trump’s plan to send illegal aliens to those cities.

I notice one of the few pejoratives Pelosi and Newsom didn’t use was “out of touch.”

Maybe they were reserving that one for themselves.

Op-Ed By Mike Huckabee/Western Journal

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