Mitch McConnell BYPASSES Nancy Pelosi – It’s Happening Now

After months of barring House Republicans from taking part in closed-door hearings in the basement of Congress and refusing to even allow Republicans to select a single witness in the impeachment charade — Democrats are now trying to make demands for the Senate trial.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is refusing to send the articles of impeachment to the GOP-controlled Senate.

But for the first time in a long time, Republicans are not budging an inch.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he secured enough votes within his caucus to bypass the impeachment trial demands of Democrats.

This means that additional evidence and witnesses brought forth by Democrats will be ignored, leaving just the impeachment trial rules that were in place during the impeachment process of former President Bill Clinton.

Senate Majority Whip John Thune recently said that he was still “trying to get consensus among Republicans about how to go forward,” but appears to have secured the votes needed to prevent Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer from running the table.

“What we’re aspiring to do is to get this process moving forward and indicate to the Democrats that as soon as they send those articles over here, we’re ready to go. Quit stalling,” Thune said. “It really undermines the sense of urgency they’ve tried to attach to this from the beginning.”

Additionally, Senate Republicans are planning on signing a resolution that gives Pelosi just five days to hand over the impeachment articles before they dismiss the impeachment process entirely.

Senate Judiciary Committee Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham also revealed this week that if Pelosi does not transmit the articles by the end of the week, the Senate should “take matters in our own hands.”

Graham proposed a solution that could remove what McConnell has called an “impasse” in the process.

“What I would do, if she continues to refuse to send the articles as required by the Constitution, I would work with Senator McConnell to change the rules of the Senate so we could start the trial without her, if necessary,” Graham proposed.

When asked how long he would wait before taking this step, Graham replied, “Days, not weeks.”

Graham expressed hope the Senate could conclude the impeachment trial before the end of January, but reiterated that this may require the Senate to push Pelosi out of the equation.

At this point, there’s nothing Democrats can do.

Democrats are complaining about McConnell possibly holding an unfair investigation, but that’s literally what Democrats just did for three months.

But before the impeachment trial likely moves into the Senate — Democrats are whining, issuing ridiculous demands, and already claiming the process is “rigged.”

Pelosi and Democrats shouted for months in front of every camera that Trump must be impeached to protect the country.

Now, they aren’t so urgent anymore. Pelosi is refusing to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, which is her constitutional duty.

They have accused Trump of just about everything imaginable, and after months of wasting taxpayer dollars to hold impeachment hearings, they still can’t prove the president did anything wrong.

And McConnell has already revealed exactly what’s going to happen when the impeachment trial moves into the Senate.

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