Mitt Romney Sides With Ocasio-Cortez

Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney has backstabbed President Donald Trump again and backed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s calls for climate change policies.

While speaking at the Sutherland Institute on Monday in Salt Lake City, Romney through his support behind Ocasio-Cortez’s radical scheme for America.

Romney called for a US carbon tax, argued that climate change is a major threat to the world, and said human activity is a significant contributor.

“In some respects, (by speaking with newer conservatives), I’ll be able to make inroads with some of the young people coming along,” Romney said.

“The U.S. should instead provide incentivizes for entrepreneurs to develop cleaner energy sources while also helping people who work in industries that could be left behind, such as coal mining,” he added.

“I’m not willing to sit by if there are major sectors that are losers … and watch people and communities suffer because of that change,” he added.

Romney then demanded a carbon tax, a fee based on each ton of carbon dioxide emissions produced by fossil fuels.

Romney’s comments are eerily similar to what Ocasio-Cortez has been saying for months.

AOC’s Green New Deal has been heavily criticized for how much it will cost taxpayers.

One study found that the price tag for socialist measure would be around $7 trillion.

However, a second study found that the estimated $7 trillion projected cost is painfully low, and that it could actually cost nearly $50 trillion, which would be roughly seven — SEVEN — times more than that.

A third study found that it would actually cost around $93 trillion over the next decade.

But that number will likely continue to grow when additional studies take a look at the radical plan.

All that “free” stuff AOC keeps promising sure is expensive, and experts have already argued that any version of the Green New Deal will literally end all of civilization if implemented and destroy the country.

Apparently Romney supports this legislation and plan.

At some point, certain Republicans may want to consider switching parties. Romney would be one of those people.

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