Mitt Romney Makes Deal With The Devil – BETRAYS President Trump

Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney has been attacking and going after President Donald Trump for quite some time. 

In recent months, Romney has spoken out against Trump, suggested he would support impeaching the president, and got caught operating a fake Twitter account that he used to promote himself and go after the president.

But things just got worse for Romney after it was revealed he made a deal with the devil and formed an alliance with a top Democrat to go after the president.

As noted by Fox News, Romney recently held a secret meeting with Harry Reid, the former Democrat lawmaker who served as Senate majority leader.

The two reportedly discussed how to get rid of Trump and agreed to “continue speaking” about the upcoming election.

In other words, they are plotting to stop the president from winning re-election — which now means impeaching him in the U.S. Senate.

Reid lamented to Romney that he was “pretty damn worried” about Trump winning re-election in 2020.

Reid has also reportedly been reaching out to certain congressional Republicans in an attempt to persuade them to publicly rebuke Trump.

Now, a new dynamic has presented itself.

While the Democrat-controlled House impeached Trump last week, the articles are going to be voted down in the Senate given Republicans control a 53-47 majority in the upper chamber.

To impeach Trump in the Senate, 67 Senators would need to vote in favor of removing the president. That means all 47 Democrats and 20 Republicans would need to vote in favor of it.

Spoiler: that’s probably never going to happen.

Here’s where Democrats are targeting Romney and other Never-Trumpers in the Senate.

Democrats know Trump won’t be impeached by the Senate, so they are trying to delay and draw out the impeachment trial as long as possible to hurt the president politically going into the election.

CNN reports on the Democrats new plan:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s high-profile push for witnesses to testify in the Senate’s expected impeachment trial of President Donald Trump shifted attention and political pressure on Monday to a handful of Republican senators who have worked diligently to avoid the spotlight.

The disparate group’s views on the trial are a concern to the White House and GOP leaders, who are worried some could break and vote with Democrats on key trial-related issues, sources tell CNN.

If four of them were to buck calls from GOP leaders for a short, witness-free trial, it could upend the process and create the kind of wild uncertainty Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he has been carefully “coordinating” to avoid in ongoing talks with top White House officials.

The group includes moderates up for reelection, like Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, and Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah.

The group isn’t big enough to threaten Trump’s presidency — but if enough peel off, they could provide Democrats with the 51 votes needed for key wins, such as to compel witnesses, demand documents, and push through other procedural motions Democrats may seek during a trial.

McConnell is working to avoid surprises like that, but short of a reaching a broad agreement in negotiations with Schumer outlining the rules of a trial, he has said the twists and turns of a trial could be decided by 51 votes.

Republicans hold a 53-47 seat majority, meaning just four Republicans voting with Democrats could have a major impact.

So Romney holding meets with Reid and potentially other top Democrats now seems like a huge deal.

Are other Never-Trumper Senators meeting with Democrats secretly to harm Trump?

At some point, certain Republicans may want to consider switching parties. Romney is certainly one of those people.

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