Move Over, Michelle! Melania Just Showed Obama How A First Lady Makes History

Seems like not a day goes by without the mainstream media and Democrats fawning over former First Lady Michelle Obama and insulting First Lady Melania Trump.

But Democrats should take note after Trump just showed Obama how a first lady makes history by putting the American taxpayers first.

Recently, a Turning Point USA meme went viral that detailed how Obama had a staff of 23 when she was in the White House compared to Trump only having 4 people work for her.

Check out the meme below:

PolitiFact, a far-left fact checking group, apparently was not happy about the meme and how it called out Obama for wasting taxpayer money with nearly two dozen employees.

PolitiFact reported:

A recent viral image shared by the conservative group Turning Point USA sought to contrast the way the Obamas and the Trumps handle public money in the course of carrying out their work.

The post said, “Obama donated none of his salary. Michelle had a staff of 23. Trump donates all of his salary. Melania has a staff of 4.”

The result? The meme is accurate.

While Trump has bumped up her staff to around 8 employees now, she is still nowhere close to having a staff as large as Obama did when she was the first lady.

The meme went viral for two main reasons.

First, it was another reminder of how the Obamas had no problem using and abusing taxpayer money.

If Obama had 24 staffers, what did they do for eight years? What did the former first lady actually accomplish while she was in the White House?

It likely cost taxpayers millions of dollars for Michelle to have so many staffers.

Secondly, many who have commented on the meme pointed out that President Donald Trump has refused to take his presidential salary.

While former President Barack Obama accepted his $400,000/year presidential salary — Trump has not taken a dime.

Trump has donated his presidential check each quarter to a different government agency group.

Both Trumps have saved taxpayers million since taking office.

And is likely angered PolitiFact that they had to admit all of this after getting triggered by the meme above.

Trump is a very smart, classy, and highly respected woman, and has proven that time and time again.

Obama can dream all she wants, but many would agree that she will never be as classy as Trump.

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