Nadler Gives Deadlines, Reveals Dems Plan B To Remove Trump

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has been trying to bring down President Donald Trump for over two years.

After former Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to produce anything Democrats could use, Nadler has revealed a “Plan B” to bring down the president.

During an interview Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Nadler said he thinks the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives will impeach Trump by the end of the fall this year.

“If we decide to report articles of impeachment, we could get to that late in the fall, in the latter part of the year,” Nadler said on MSNBC.

Nadler suggested his “Plan B” to remove Trump will involve more information from Mueller, which he thinks will be “beneficial” given a majority of House Democrats now support impeachment.

“I think that we will probably get court decisions by the end of October, maybe shortly thereafter. We’ll have hearings in September and October with people we don’t — witnesses who are not dependent on the court proceedings,” Nadler said.


While Mueller’s congressional testimony last month was a total bust, Nadler is still trying to pry more information out of the ex-special counsel.

Nadler’s committee is suing in federal court for access to grand jury evidence from the Mueller probe that Democrats claim they need to determine whether to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump.

The top Democrat claimed in a 53-page petition filed in U.S. District Court in Washington that he needs information regarding interactions between Trump campaign officials and Russian agents, as well as Trump’s alleged efforts to obstruct the Mueller probe by directing former White House Counsel Don McGahn to remove the special counsel.

In other words, this is the Witch Hunt 2.0.

Here’s the cherry on top: Nadler is threatening Attorney General William Barr because he won’t allow the Department of Justice to reveal sensitive information redacted in the Mueller report.

That’s right — Nadler wants to sue Barr because the AG won’t break the law to reveal sensitive and classified information.

For the record, roughly 92 percent of the Mueller report has been made available to Congress and the public.

The only information that is redacted pertains to grand jury secrecy, meaning it would literally be against federal law for Attorney General William Barr to make available.

Beyond that, Democrats have been scrambling after Mueller’s testimony before two House committees last week was nothing short of a total disaster.

President Trump dropped a bombshell that could potentially lead to Mueller behind bars.

Trump took to Twitter to call out Mueller for claiming that he did not apply and interview for the job of FBI Director.

Mueller testified under oath that he did not know he was being considered for the job of FBI Director when he sat down with Trump in the Oval Office in May 2017.

This is significant because Trump says he met with Mueller at the White House for an interview to see if he would nominate him to lead the FBI.

If Trump is telling the truth, that means Mueller lied under oath.

The ex-special counsel also got caught several times contradicting his own report.

Mueller came under fire for lying about why he decided not to charge the president with a crime.

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