Nancy Loses Thought, Stares Blankly – Then SNAPS On Tapper For Impeachment Question

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has perfected the art of flip-flopping on major issues and then scolding people for daring to ask her about it.

The California Democrat took part in a CNN town hall on Thursday night to discuss her own announcement earlier in the day that Democrats are going to introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

When CNN’s Jake Tapper, who hosted the event, tried asking her about it, she lost it.

Pelosi lost her train of thought, stared blankly into the crowd, and then snapped on Tapper for daring to question her impeachment circus.

“Would you be willing to testify if it meant that people you want to hear from such as Mick Mulvaney, the acting chief of staff, or John Bolton, the former national security adviser, would also have to testify?” Tapper asked. “If there’s some sort of deal cut, would you be willing to do so?”

“NO! It has nothing to do, they should be testifying because they have been asked to testify by Congress,” Pelosi snapped back. “It isn’t a deal. It’s about a system of checks and balances.”

Growing annoyed, Pelosi tossed her hands up and said in a rambling fashion: “Can we not have any more questions about impeachment?”


Things are going so well for Pelosi that even an easy question from left-leaning CNN sent her over the edge.

Just hours before the town hall on Thursday, Pelosi addressed the nation from the Speaker’s Balcony Hallway and theatrically claimed Trump’s actions “left them no choice” and that Democrats had to move forward with impeachment to “save” the nation.

Americans see through that nonsense and know that this is nothing more than another pathetic attempt to remove Trump from office before the 2020 election.

After former Special Counsel Robert Mueller failed to produce a single shred of evidence in the Russia hoax, Democrats have gone all-in on the faux Ukraine “scandal.”

If the Democratic-controlled House actually votes to impeach Trump, the trial will move to the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate.

If that happens, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will fail given Republicans control a 53-47 majority in the Senate.

To impeach Trump in the Senate, 67 Senators would need to vote in favor of removing the president.

That means all 47 Democrats and 20 Republicans would need to vote in favor of it.

Spoiler: that’s probably never going to happen.

This is nothing more than a witch hunt that will lead nowhere — and Pelosi knows that.

Just last month, she slipped up on live television and said the American people were “not going to decide” if Trump should be impeached.

A reporter asked, “At what point might you say let’s just let the voters decide.”

Pelosi said, “The voters are not going to decide whether we honor our oath of office. They already decided that in the last election.”

When asked about why she is pushing impeachment, Pelosi said the voters are not allowed to decide the outcome.

Well, the voters are going to make Democrats pay for this in 2020.

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