Pelosi’s Coronavirus Plan Includes Nationwide Ballot Harvesting For 2020 Election

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to fight the coronavirus includes a national mandate for ballot harvesting, same-day voter registration, and federally-mandated early voting provisions just in time for the 2020 presidential election.

In other words, she’s stalling a major piece of legislation that will help struggling Americans and businesses during this tough time so she can add several left-wing items to it.

As part of Pelosi’s coronavirus plan, House Democrats slipped in multiple measures from their H.R. 1 legislation that would implement nationwide ballot harvesting for federal elections — effectively allowing political operatives to collect and deliver an endless number of absentee ballots from voters.

Pelosi’s coronavirus plan allows “any person to return a voted and sealed absentee ballot” to a designated election office or post office and does not limit the number of absentee ballots that any one person can collect.

California is the only state in America to legalize ballot harvesting, though the practice occurs in other states as well. Pelosi’s coronavirus plan would legalize California-style ballot harvesting in every state for federal elections.

Pelosi’s coronavirus plan also mandates nationwide same-day voter registration, where eligible voters are allowed to register to vote on the same day as the 2020 presidential election and every federal election after that. Pelosi would also ban states from requiring voter registration applicants to provide more than the last four digits of their Social Security Numbers when applying to vote.

Likewise, Pelosi’s coronavirus plan mandates:

  • Early voting in every state for 15 consecutive days, open for at least 10 hours a day
  • Free mail-in absentee ballots for all registered voters
  • Expansion of election ballots in foreign languages

Breitbart reports:

Pelosi’s coronavirus plan uses the pandemic to cram provisions of the House Democrats’ H.R. 1 legislation into federal law. That legislation went even further in its efforts to create loopholes for voter fraud, allowing convicted felons to vote in federal elections.

House Democrats on Monday blocked the passage of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which would have provided direct relief to American workers, citizens, and small businesses impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

“Ballot harvesting,” otherwise known as an absentee ballot collection, is when people collect other voters’ completed ballots and take them to the polls on their behalf.

Imagine several people know they are in a community or district that has a majority of Republican voters. What if people collect hundreds — or maybe even thousands — of ballots and refuse to submit them to their county seats to be counted.

This makes it incredibly easy for voter fraud to occur.

In recent weeks, Trump and his team provided several updates on their progress and some of the measures they are working on with Congress.

The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation last Wednesday providing billions of dollars to limit the damage from the coronavirus pandemic through free testing, paid sick leave, and expanded safety-net spending.

Congress and the White House are discussing additional stimulus measures that could cost more than $1 trillion.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that the administration is working to get checks to Americans in two weeks to help workers cope with the economic effects of the crisis.

Trump has decided to suspend all travel from the European Union as well as the U.K. and Ireland.

The president also declared a national emergency.

While Americans are in desperate need of financial assistance, Pelosi and Democrats are trying to slip in measures to help them in the upcoming election.

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