Dem-Controlled House Won’t Vote On Corona Relief Bill Until Friday

The Republican-controlled Senate passed the largest rescue package in modern history on Wednesday to alleviate economic pressure caused by the coronavirus.

By a vote of 96-0, the Senate passed a massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus compromise package, which will bring relief to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations.

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t hold a vote on rescue plan until Friday morning at the earlier, the Washington Times reported.

She had time to draft a bogus bill last weekend that included a slew of ridiculous, non-related liberal goodies — yet it’s going to take her almost two days to hold a vote on the Senate bill?

That’s absurd.

As the Senate was racing to complete the package on Wednesday, the Democratic-controlled House gaveled in for a pro forma session on Wednesday morning and gaveled out less than three minutes later.

Politico’s Jake Sherman noted that the House showed up for less than two minutes on Wednesday and then left.

They are supposed to be back on Thursday morning, but still won’t even vote on the relief bill until Friday.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed Democrats for delays in getting the measure completed and approved.

“Every one of our fellow citizens has been touched by this public health emergency, anxious about sickness and unprecedented economic uncertainty,” he said. “Our hospitals and healthcare workers are nearing their capacity. They need – and expect – their government to act. This agreement to provide relief to American workers, families, and small businesses is critically important – and should be considered without delay.

McCarthy said, “we are already behind.”

“For the past three days, Democrat leadership in Congress took their eye off the ball, delaying consideration of this bipartisan-crafted bill,” he said. “They insisted on using this crisis as an opportunity to propose completely unrelated legislation that amounted to an ideological wish list. Our country is on the edge, but we must be in this fight together. It’s time for Washington to start acting that way, and send this bill to the president.”

Beyond Pelosi’s antics and refusal to pass the bill immediately, the historic $2 trillion coronavirus bill will bring relief to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations.

The relief package also includes thousands of dollars in direct payments to most Americans — millions of whom face unemployment related to the spread of the virus — as well as a $500 billion loan fund for large corporations and a $367 billion loan program for small businesses.

The Senate bill also omits many — though not all — items from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s version of the legislation that Republicans had called wasteful or irrelevant, including climate-change-related emissions restrictions for airlines and various diversity-related provisions.

The bill is expected to pass in the House on Friday.

The bipartisan breakthrough in the Senate capped days of heated negotiations after Pelosi flew into D.C. last weekend and tried slipping in a slew of unnecessary, left-wing proposals.

The move came after Democrats voted against the bill three times in an attempt to include several radical policies they wanted, such as ballot harvesting and amnesty for DACA illegal aliens.

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