Nancy Pelosi STUNS, Gives Illegals ‘Tips’ On How To Avoid ICE Agents

It’s no secret that Democrats refuse to secure the border and combat illegal immigration. Not that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could ever be accused of putting the best interests of Americans first, but she made it clear on Thursday that she will break the law to help illegal aliens.

During her news conference on Thursday, Pelosi was asked about President Donald Trump giving U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement the green light to start deporting thousands of illegal aliens across the country.

Rather than say she wants to work out of deal with Trump to secure the border, Pelosi spent several minutes giving illegal aliens “tips” on how to evade ICE officers.

“An ICE deportation warrant is not the same as a search warrant. If that is the only document ICE brings to a home raid, agents do not have the legal right to enter a home,” Pelosi said, reading from a card.

“If ICE agents don’t have a warrant signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in,” she added.

“Families belong together, everyone in our country has rights,” she continued, claiming illegal aliens have “rights” in a country they broke the law to be in.

Pelosi said she’s hoping that by appealing to religious groups, she can convince Trump to call off the operation, which is set to begin on Saturday.

“I’m going to appeal to people of faith, faith-based organizations, to appeal to the president. I think that they put him in office and they have a better voice for that,” she said, describing the raids as “heartless.”


Of course, Pelosi wasn’t the only Democrat who broke the law to advise illegal aliens on how to avoid federal immigration officials.

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also used her Twitter account — which has over 4 million followers — to aid and abet criminals who have been court-ordered to leave the country.

“ICE will launch raids across 10 major cities this SUNDAY. Check your neighbors & know your rights. Remember: no one can enter your home without a *judicial warrant.* Sometimes ICE will try to show other papers to get in your house. Judicial warrants are from a court,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in the first tweet of a long thread.

Not to be outdone, struggling Democratic presidential candidate and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also offered tips to evade capture and encouraged people to help illegals.

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom even prepared a video last month about the topic and also gave illegals advice on avoiding arrest.

“CA will always defend the rights of our immigrant communities. If ICE agents show up at your door, know your rights: -You do not have to open the door—you have the right against unlawful searches. -You have the right to speak to a lawyer. -You have the right to remain silent,” he wrote in the caption of the tweet.

Quite amazing to see prominent Democrats, who claim to be representing the United States of America, instructing illegal aliens on how to avoid being arrested after they broke the law.

This is another sad reminder how Democrats and liberals no longer have any respect for the rule of law.

By warning illegal aliens — some of which could be dangerous criminals — Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, and the other Democrats are putting ICE agents at risk of being injured or, at worst, potentially killed.

Democrats are apparently more worried about protecting their future voters than ensuring the Trump administration can remove people who have no right to be here.

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